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Nature Heals

Nature Heals

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Human and Nature

The author explores the profound connection she feels with nature and the healing power it holds. She perceives nature as a nurturing and spiritual force, likening it to a loving mother who provides comfort and balance. The author expresses a desire to be part of nature and return to its embrace, underscoring the eternal bond between humanity and the natural world.

Ever wanted to know what real healing feels like? Go stand near a grove of trees. The soothing vibrations wash away all the darkness in you. ‘Pure’ is what it makes me feel. I seem to find myself whenever I am surrounded by nature from the time I was a toddler.

Stand near the sea at a beach and the waves feel like affirmations of calm and peace.

I see many people describing nature from a very distressing perspective. But to me, nature gives me a power that is almost unspeakable of. I am no witch or forest elf but that is almost how it makes me feel. Magical.

I believe that there is no other power in the universe as strong as love. And how strong exactly is a mother’s love? Nature is the ultimate and the mightiest mother of all. She bore us naked from the dawn of evolution, fed us, and let us fall asleep as she caressed us under the shade of her trees and blew soothing winds.

But imagine giving almost everything and not having anyone actively give anything back? Hence she has her moments of dealing with it to maintain balance which we often call “nature’s fury”.

Of course, almost everything that happens has a scientific explanation but the reason behind that science, that force that regulates the science is spiritual. And nature, according to me, is actively a representative of that spiritual force.

Now the pandemic happened and many people died. That was very sad but if you look at it from a natural perspective it was nature’s way of clearing away population to maintain her balance. I mean, who decides the occurrence of a pandemic or an epidemic after every 100 years?

She is the embodiment of love and balance, and we are her children.  Notice how the freckles on a person’s face represent the constellations in the universe? How our iris represents the auroras in the sky? Or how the palms of our hands represent the veins of a leaf? We start the journey of our life inside our mother’s womb and it ends as our remains decompose into the soil and become a part of it and make it more fertile.

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I sometimes want to die and come back as a part of nature. I want to be the beautiful Aurora. I want to be in the deep and mesmerizing sea. I want to be a part of the mountains that stand mighty covered in snow. I want to be the leaves of the tree that sway ever so soothingly with the wind. I want to be the fiery yet beautiful lava seeping out of a volcano.

No matter how much we evolve, we will, at the end of the day go back to where we came from. To our origin. To our mother, nature.


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  • This article by Shivangi is written very beautifully and exceptionally well. Only a true nature lover can show us all that nature is where the “real deal” is the “real heal”! Often we forget to thank nature for what she does to us – the verdancy of flourishing vegetation that relaxes our eyes, the lulling comfort of “crashing waves” that soothes us, the release of oxygen that lets us live etc etc etc. The list of all things that we have to be grateful for or at the very least appreciate, is boundless and endless. MOTHER nature is what she is and thank you Shivangi for stating that in so many words. Look forward to more such lovely and yet thought-provoking articles from you – looks like it is in your nature!

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