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Prodosh Chandra Mitra, better known as Feluda, is a beloved and iconic Bengali detective character created by Satyajit Ray in 1965. Recently, Nachiketa Chakraborty sang a song about Feluda in the presence of Sandip Ray at Satyajit Ray’s house, where the song was released. Read the story to find more.


Prodosh Chandra Mitra (Feluda) is one of the most beloved and iconic Bengali detective characters created by the maestro Satyajit Ray in the year 1965. Feluda’s sharp intellect, quick wit, and uncanny ability to solve even the most complex mysteries have captured the hearts and imaginations of readers and viewers alike. What sets Feluda apart from other fictional detectives is his distinctive personality, which is equal parts charming and quirky.

Whether he’s solving a murder case or simply enjoying a cup of tea, Feluda always manages to bring his unique brand of humor and intelligence to the situation. This timeless character will continue to inspire and entertain generations to come. Feluda is not just a character, he is a nostalgia.

Perhaps it is this nostalgia which led eminent singer Nachiketa Chakraborty to sing a song about this immortal detective. Original thoughts and lyrics have been penned by Abhijit Pal. Here Nachiketa Chakraborty plays Topshe. The song revolves around the description of Feluda in the eyes of Topshe.

The release of this song took place at Satyajit Ray’s house, in the presence of noted filmmaker Sandip Ray himself. Nachiketa Chakraborty said, “I didn’t really think of a release like this. I thought it would be somewhere else. I am really overwhelmed. And like many, I am a fan of Feluda too. I sang from my passion. Next year I will write, compose and sing a song about Satyajit Ray on his birthday for sure. Abhijit has written it nicely, while I really like singing the song to the tune of Kaustav Chattopadhyay. This house is like a pilgrimage for me, so I climbed the stairs, not the elevator.”

Sandip Ray said, “Actually, Feluda, Shanku are all Satyajit himself. So I wanted the song to be released in Feluda’s house. What would be a better place to release a song about Feluda than this house!”

Abhijit Pal said that he has fulfilled his dream of many days with this release. The song is available on the FMD Bangla YouTube channel.




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