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Mystery from History

Mystery from History

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10th June History

Mystery always intrigues us. Discover intriguing historical mysteries including the preserved body of Xin Zhui, an unknown manuscript, and the enigmatic Dancing Plague of 1518. Unexplained and captivating, these unsolved puzzles continue to fascinate.

As I turn the pages of history I find quite a few events which occurred on the 10th of June. From the crowning of Nasiruddin Muhammad Shah as the ruler of Delhi to the declaration of war by Italy against France and England and many more. However, today, I intend to brinme mystery that remains unexplained throughout history.

Alive even after 2000 year 

The first mystery which I bring to you is about a lady named Xin Zhui. She was the wife of Dai (King) during the Western Hun dynasty of ancient China. She was burried 2000 years earlier in a hill named Mawangdui in Changsha, China. When her tomb was found what surprised everyone is the way in which her body was preserved. Xin also known as Lady Day had all of her organs and blood vessels intact. Moreover, she also had a small amount of Type A blood left in her veins. Her hair and eyelashes were intact as well. Scientists also found seeds of melon in her stomach so they concluded that she died during the melon season in summer and her death was within a couple of hours after she consumed the melon. The liquid in which her body was soaked is slightly acidic and had magnesium, but to date, scientists do not know what liquid it was.

The Unknown Manuscript 

The second mystery is about a manuscript that was written by an unknown author in an unknown language and an unknown writing system. The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Lithuanian-Samogitian bibliophile who procured it in 1912 in Italy. Unconfirmed research says that the text might have been written in Northern Italy. Many cryptographers and code-breakers from WWI and WWII researched the manuscript but none could come to a concrete conclusion about the history. This 272 pages document remains a mystery to date.

The Dancing Death

“May I dance with you?” is a common pickup line. But do you know there was an epidemic in the year 1518 which is known as the ‘Dancing Plague’? Also known as the dance epidemic this weird condition took more than 400 people’s bodies and made them dance without rest. Many died of cardiac arrest, exhaustion, or strokes. It was the month of July when a lady named Mrs. Troffea started dancing uncontrollably in the middle of Strasbourg. Soon 34 more people joined her and gradually more than 400 people suffered from the same attack. The Doctors suggested that it was due to “hot blood”. Extensive research has failed to understand the actual cause of this epidemic.

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These were just some of the mystery which is yet to be solved. Do let me know if you are interested to know more about such interesting mysteries. Adios till we meet again.


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