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Modhyoraater Blues – Sidhu’s Debut as a Poet

Modhyoraater Blues – Sidhu’s Debut as a Poet

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Modhyoraater Blues by Sidhu

Explore the enchanting fusion of poetry and music as Sidhu, the celebrated figure from the band Cactus, ventures into the world of literature with his debut collection, “Modhyoraater Blues.” This artistic journey, marked by a star-studded book launch in Kolkata, brings together luminaries from the music industry, unveiling a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and timeless pieces crafted over the years.

In a fusion of literary and musical celebration, the renowned figure from the band Cactus, Sidhu, marked his birthday by unveiling his maiden venture into the world of poetry with the release of “Modhyoraater Blues.” This debut collection, a culmination of diverse emotions and experiences, was launched amidst an esteemed gathering at Chow Chai, Kolkata, adding another dimension to Sidhu’s artistic repertoire.

The book launch was a star-studded event attended by luminaries of the music industry, including Pota, Anindya Chatterjee, Upal Sengupta, and members of Cactus, amongst others. As the evening unfolded, the ambiance was set aglow with poetry intertwined seamlessly with melodies. Sidhu, along with Anindya Chatterjee, Upal Sengupta, Prashmita Paul, Gabu, and Ujjaini Mukherjee, rendered soulful tunes, resonating with the essence of the poems within the collection. Prabuddha Banerjee’s skillful guitar accompaniment added a mesmerizing layer to the performances.

The Lauch of Modhyoraater Blues by Sidhu

“Modhyoraater Blues,” published by Abhijan Publishers, holds within its pages an amalgamation of timeless pieces—some dating back a decade or more—crafted at different junctures in Sidhu’s life. Reflecting on his creative process, Sidhu expressed, “The poems come to my mind when the night falls, and the surroundings become quiet.” The collection encapsulates a tapestry of themes encompassing love, nature, and societal narratives, threading together a total of twenty-one evocative poems.

The book launch

Interestingly, some of these poetic verses have metamorphosed into lyrical compositions, forming a bridge between the worlds of poetry and music. Sidhu’s poetic journey intertwined seamlessly with his musical endeavors, with tracks like “Halud Pakhi” and “Barle Boyesh” finding a new life through his performance. Anindya Chatterjee and Upal Sengupta struck emotional chords with their rendition of “Amar Bhindeshi Tara,” while Gabu’s soulful delivery of “Paliye Berai” added a captivating dimension to the musical soirée.

Sidhu and friend

The cover art, crafted by Atanu Biswas, serves as an artistic preamble to the depth encapsulated within the pages of “Modhyoraater Blues.” With its release coinciding with the Kolkata International Book Fair, this collection promises to enchant poetry enthusiasts and music aficionados alike.

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Amidst the jubilant celebration, a delightful cultural amalgamation was witnessed as friends from the music fraternity indulged in a traditional delicacy, payesh, choosing it over the customary birthday cake—a testament to the camaraderie and shared moments of artistic brilliance that defined the evening.

Sidhu and friend

Sidhu’s foray into the realm of poetry marks a significant milestone in his artistic odyssey, adding new hues to his multifaceted persona. “Modhyoraater Blues” stands as a testament to the timeless interplay between verses and melodies, inviting readers and listeners on a lyrical voyage through the myriad emotions of life.

The evening culminated as a harmonious symphony of poetry and music, a testament to the seamless interplay of artistic expression and a celebration of Sidhu’s creative spirit that transcends genres and mediums.

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