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Mizoram Bans Chinese ‘Kenbo’ Mobikes

Mizoram Bans Chinese ‘Kenbo’ Mobikes

125 cc Kenbo motorcycles

Smuggled into the sensitive state that borders Myanmar, these bikes are being used to speed-run drug traffickers, say sources

They are illegal after all; yet they are being driven with wild pleasure for a different purpose altogether.

Yes, we are talking about a two wheeler made in China, the fate of which has suddenly run aground.

In the aftermath of the bloody combat between the Sino-Indian troops at Galwan in Eastern Ladakh, the Narendra Modi government has slapped bans on various Chinese apps, besides contracts with Chinese entities.

But Mizoram, a tiny state in the northeastern fringe, perhaps led the way to have first banned the use of a Chinese-made two wheeler in the state.

And this time, ill luck has struck Kenbo, the manufacturers of a sleek yet spacious two wheeler that gets rolled out from its stable in China.

Mizo villages in close proximity with the international border with Myanmar, are flooded with Kenbo two-wheelers smuggled from Myanmar.

These motorcycles, currently being used without any registration numbers, have almost become a `special purpose vehicle’.

And the special purpose is to carry banned narcotics through the porous border with Myanmar and Bangladesh, official sources told East India Story.

The immediate provocation behind the ban is the latest string of seizures of large volumes of drugs, including heroin and various forms of methamphetamine. The seizures have been carried out by Assam Rifles and other agencies from people riding these Kenbo bikes

The immediate provocation behind the ban, according to a Mizoram government official, is the latest string of seizures of large volumes of drugs, including heroin and various forms of methamphetamine.

The seizures have been carried out by Assam Rifles personnel, state excise, narcotics department and the police from people riding these bikes.

Alarmed by the rising trend of smuggling of both the bike and drugs, the Mizoram government has banned the 125 cc Kenbo motorcycles in all border districts.

The state government notification follows a Union Home Ministry ban on bringing the Chinese vehicle to India.

The Mizoram transport department, which apparently ignored for years the issue of registration of these two-wheelers, has now swung into action.

Because a large number of them are being smuggled into the state, especially along the 404-km long international border in Mizoram’s Champhai, Hnahthial, Lawngtlai, Siaha and Serchhip districts.

The pandemic has forced the authorities to seal the 318-km long border with Bangladesh, besides the stretch with Myanmar.

The state government has also kept closed the inter-state borders with Tripura, Manipur and Assam.

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Despite this, authorities have failed to contain an alarming trend of smuggling of drugs and such other items as foreign cigarettes, arms and ammunition, mostly of Chinese origin.

While the international border with Bangladesh has been manned by the Border Security Force(BSF), the border with Myanmar is being guarded by Assam Rifles.

As report of the Mizoram government says that contraband, including heroin worth Rs 29 crore, has so far been seized during raids along the border since July 1 this year.

The report has noted with concern the increasing smuggling of Methamphetamine tablets,also known as ‘party tablets’, which often lead to what is known as ‘party rape’!.

A heady mixture is prepared after adding a selected dose of caffeine which in turn, finds its way across to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh besides various parts of India.

“Mostly the Kenbo bikes are being used to quickly transport them to the carriers of drugs, as they are fast and easy to evade detection by security forces along the border,” explained a Mizoram government official.

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