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Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains

Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains

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Sunshine at the dawn-lit mountains of Arunachal
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We share this photo story by Javed Ali Hassan from the land of the Dawn-lit-Mountain Arunachal.

As I stood on the road looking idly into the street, I found a glorious autumn morning. The fresh breeze and inviting sunlight charmed me.

It was early and few persons could be seen or is it that this place is sporadically occupied, I know not.

But I heard the birds twittered under the neighboring trees and from the far end of the thoroughfare came faintly the droning sound of the bell, perhaps from the temple nearby.

A car slung across the road chasing the Sun and as the water flowed breaking the serenity with its movements.

A car parked as the stream flows

The rocks seemed curious to speak to the Sun as I stood witnessing the divine.

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Far at some distance the knowledge brakes besides the stairway to the abode confirming civilization by the presence of ropes of light.

And then I returned taking the curve and the downward U. Keeping the memories, the memories of Arunachal the land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains.

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