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Kajol’s Cajole for Salaam Venky

Kajol’s Cajole for Salaam Venky

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This story is a narration of a telephonic conversation between two friends about a coincidental meeting with film star Kajol. Read the story to know more.

By Sid Ghosh

Here is my friend Somashis‘s WhatsApp message to me which is dated 6th of December, 2022. I take it from my phone and copy it as it stands.

Sid, you can never guess whom I met yesterday. Call me at the earliest, too excited to share this with you.

Sid reading the whatsapp message from Somashis

Knowing Somashis and his fascinating experiences from time to time, I was eager to call him at once, but due to some prearranged occupation, it was not until the hands of my wall clock indicated a time of 10:30 that I caught the sight of my phone and decided to call him.

“Hello” replied the excited voice of Somashis “do you know I chanced upon meeting Kajol yesterday?”

“Kajol?” I asked with a surprised tone “you mean Kajol the Bollywood actress?”

“Yes my friend, yes, the same Kajol” answered he.

“Wow, how? Where? When? How come?”

“It so happened that I had a very busy evening yesterday” Somashis narrated “and finally at the end of the day I decided to treat myself with some fine Thai cuisine at the Oberoi Grand”

“Don’t tell me she too was at the restaurant.”

“No, actually for dinner I had I felt a sudden urge to smoke a cigarette,” said he “and went out to the smoking zone. It was then my eyes fell upon the face which looked very familiar.”

“Was it Kajol?”

“Well as you are aware I am not a keen buff of Hindi movies” said he “so it took me some time to realize that the lady is none other than Kajol herself.”

Kajol with Vishal Jethwa and Revathy answering to the questions of the press

I laughed and recalled how I almost dragged Somashis to the theater for the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge way back in 95 when we were much young. My thoughts were intruded by his next words “I wanted to go and greet her, but then a throng of journalist who surrounded her flooded her with questions.”

“So why was she here? Was it for a purpose of work or just a pleasure visit?” I enquired.

“She was here for a press conference, so I took this opportunity to attend it”

“Good decision” said I.

“Yes, indeed” Somashis continued “she was joined by another young artist named Vishal Jethwa and the movie is titled ‘Salaam Venky’.”

Kajol with Vishal Jethwaand Revathy
Kajol with Vishal Jethwa and Revathy

“Oh! Salaam Venky, is a movie helmed by Revathy” I informed.

“Yes” continued Somashis “so as they spoke I got an insight about the movie, and I must admit I found it a beautiful topic which the film maker has taken up.”

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“If you are giving positive vibes about a Hindi film then I am sure it is worth a watch as I have seldom seen you praising a Bollywood makes.”

“Well what I found interesting is the story is based on true events. It is on the life of a young boy who believes in living life like a massive celebration, despite of his deteriorating health condition.” said Somashis.

“I presume ‘true events’ is what caught your attention?” I asked knowing him to be a buff of realistic cinema.

“Yes that for sure and one more aspect”

“What is that?”

“The film portrays a mother’s sacrifice and unconditional love. She eventually overcomes the challenges and achieved the impossible with the help of her love for her child.”

“That is touching already. In fact the new age Hindi movies are truly a class. So are you going for the movie?” I asked.

“Even as we speak, I am checking on the tickets for this Friday, it is getting released this 9th you see” said he.

“Ah! Gives me an idea, you see the movie so would I and I am sure Manjulaa already booked her tickets.”

“Why don’t you ask Manjulaa to do a review in our magazine.”

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