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Home Sweet Home: Pandemic Edition

Home Sweet Home: Pandemic Edition

Staying at Home

While you are eager to step out during this pandemic, you fail to realize that your present situation has been transitioned already to provide you with that exact state of happiness and fulfilment that you seek outdoors

By Yeseng Borgohain

Home, a word constituting four letters. But the term ‘Home’, carries the weightage of many unspoken and undefined emotions. In a universal way, we can understand it as a place of belongingness. Although the idea of belongingness might vary in several instances, more or less it retains the same essence throughout the globe.

Staying indoors longer than required has certainly challenged the notions of comfort and serenity associated with homes. Earlier, after witnessing the historic Pink City or delving into the misty roads and exotic scenery of Coorg, one would always rush back home for ultimate rejuvenation from a tiresome trip and relive noteworthy moments of vacations.

But living in an exile for over a year and that too in one’s own abode is surely a threat to the ideas of peace and certainty, which is a corollary of home. On top of that, the ‘Work from Home’ culture has significantly transformed homes into workplaces.


Laptops, charts and files scattered around each corner of the house do not generally give the impression of an ideal home. With all these monotonous and dystopian changes did the pandemic shower any positive change in this arena?

‘Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting’, says Haruki Murakami, a renowned Japanese writer. This quote particularly sums up the current state of anticipation from one’s home. While you are eager to break the chain of monotony by exploring the unexplored areas of the world to experience a positive and fulfilling state, you have failed to realize that your present situation has been transitioned already to provide you with that exact state of happiness and fulfilment.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning without any hassle to catch the bus or reach the destination at the stipulated period, spectating the morning birds and their shenanigans, and smiling in the gleaming sunlight with full of hope and positivity are some rare activities that one gets to experience.

The analogy drawn above signifies that the change in the meaning of home has surely produced more positive and delightful effects in comparison to its negative counterparts. The global shutdown of food outlets has given rise to many amateur chefs and produced many novel and delectable dishes. Many people have resorted to painting, and gardening for killing the time or as a means of dealing with burnout. This confinement within the four walls has certainly unraveled the fact that we, as human beings have such undiscovered potential to contribute and it surely is very satiating to live upon.

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During this pandemic, the solitary and minimal human contact has led to the process of introspection. The feeling of losing and finding yourself again, the lifelong epiphanies, and embracing individualism, all have some deepest impacts on the psyche and behavior of individuals. As the famous Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard opines, ‘Life must be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’.

The time we have spent in our homes is just one of the many moments that we have triumphed, and looking back all the hardships and difficulties that we have endured will act as morale booster in upcoming endeavors. Thus, homes in pandemic have altogether generated a broadened scope of learning, engaging and embracing isolation.

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  • A well thought article that delves into the current conundrum . In ultimate analysis however the writer has been able to put across a different perspective of looking at life with hope and positivity in these stressing times.

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