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Explore the history of 3rd September through notable events, from the ancient Battle of Naulochus in 36 BCE to the birth anniversary tribute to Bengali film icon Uttam Kumar. This article delves into the enigmatic life of Uttam Kumar, his cinematic collaborations, controversies, and lesser-known stories, celebrating his enduring legacy.

The history of 3rd September takes us to the year 36 BCE when the Battle of Naulochus was fought where Admiral of Octavian, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa defeated son of Pompey, Sextus Pompeius. This ended the Pompeian resistance to the Second Triumvirate forever.

History of 3rd September also informs that it was this day in the year 1881 when the 1st US National Championship Men’s Tennis was played. Richard Sears won the inaugural event beating William E. Glyn 6-0, 6-3, 6-2

Moving on with the history of 3rd September we come to the year 1985 when Discovery 6 the 20th space shuttle of NASA returned to earth.

With this we come to the feature story of 3rd September where we speak about Uttam Kumar on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

Remembering the Mahanayak: Untold Stories and Enigmatic Charisma of Uttam Kumar

In the rich tapestry of Indian cinema, certain names shimmer with an aura that transcends time. Among these luminaries stands the great Bengali matinee idol, Uttam Kumar. His life was not just a journey through the silver screen, but an enigmatic saga filled with captivating stories, larger-than-life attitude, and a charisma that continues to captivate hearts even decades after his passing. As we commemorate the birth anniversary of this legend, let’s delve into some lesser-known facets of his life that add to the allure of his legacy.

The Eternal Chemistry: Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen

The year 1954 witnessed the mesmerizing on-screen union of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen in the romantic hit ‘Agni Pariksha’. The sizzling chemistry they shared left the Bengali audience in awe, etching their names into the annals of cinema history. The film’s poster, bearing the controversial caption “Agni Pariksha is the witness of our eternal love,” sparked a wave of speculation about their real-life equation. Gauri Devi, Uttam Kumar’s wife, and Dibanath, Suchitra Sen’s husband, reportedly found this caption unsettling, fanning the flames of wild rumors surrounding the mystique of Uttam-Suchitra jodi’s captivating chemistry.

Antony Firingee: An Ode to Cultural Transformation

Among Uttam Kumar’s classic hits, ‘Antony Firingee’ remains a shining gem. Inspired by Madan Bandhopadhyay’s renowned literary work ‘Kobiyal Antony Firingee’, this musical drama was fueled by the brilliance of composer Anil Bagchi. The movie takes viewers on a journey through the life of Hensman Anthony, a Portuguese who found solace in Bengal’s folk songs and traditional music. He embraced Bengal as his own, even marrying a Hindu widow named Nirupama. However, the rigid orthodox beliefs of the time resulted in tragedy when his plans for a Durga Puja were labeled blasphemous by the prevailing Brahmin community.

Deya Neya: A Romantic Milestone

‘Deya Neya’, a milestone in Uttam Kumar’s illustrious career, showcased his romantic pairing with Tanuja and won over countless hearts. What’s lesser known is that this Bengali classic was produced by the legendary singer and composer Shyamal Mitra, marking his debut as a producer. Shyamal Mitra also directed the music for the film. Directed by Sunil Bandhopadhyay, ‘Deya Neya’ is a romantic comedy that adeptly weaves a man’s lighthearted struggles into a story with a happy ending.

Uttam Kumar and Satyajit Ray: A Collaboration of Icons

Uttam Kumar’s collaboration with the renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray began with ‘Nayak’, a film that marked a significant juncture in both their careers. Their partnership extended to another film, ‘Chiriakhana’, released in 1967. Intriguingly, Ray had initially approached Uttam Kumar for a role in ‘Ghare Baire’, even before creating ‘Nayak’. However, Uttam Kumar respectfully declined the offer, as he felt the role portrayed a negative character for an already established star.

Saptapadi: A Controversial Triumph

‘Saptapadi’, celebrated for its iconic bike sequence, emerged as a template for numerous Bengali romantic tracks. Released during the pinnacle of the Uttam-Suchitra wave, the movie chronicles the ill-fated romance between a Bengali Brahmin boy and a Christian girl. However, the film faced an unexpected controversy, with rumors suggesting a conspiracy to halt its production. Allegedly, some factions of the industry attempted to convince Suchitra Sen that sharing the screen with Uttam Kumar would eclipse her presence. Fortunately, the attempt failed, and the rest is cinematic history. With its immortal music by Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, exceptional cinematography, and stellar performances, ‘Saptapadi’ stands as an almost flawless cinematic experience.

Unfulfilled Encounters: Uttam Kumar and Bollywood

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In 1961, famous Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan had the opportunity to work on a song for Uttam Kumar’s hit ‘Sathi Hara’. However, fate intervened when Uttam Kumar fell ill that day, causing him to miss the shoot. Consequently, Saroj Khan missed the chance to collaborate with the legendary actor. ‘Sathi Hara’, directed by Sukumar Dasgupta, featured Mala Sinha opposite Uttam Kumar, and its romantic songs and vibrant dance sequences remain timeless treasures.

Memsaheb: A Tale of Love and Political Turmoil

‘Memsaheb’ (1972) is regarded as one of the finest films featuring the pairing of Uttam Kumar and Aparna Sen. The duo’s chemistry first ignited in ‘Aparichita’ (1969), directed by Salil Dutta. Among their 12 collaborations, 10 resulted in box office hits. Based on Nimai Bhattacharya’s celebrated novel, ‘Memsaheb’ showcased Uttam Kumar as the lead. Director Pinaki Mukherjee masterfully intertwined the realms of politics and romance, as Aparna Sen portrayed a young, educated professor who falls for an accomplished journalist played by Uttam Kumar. However, their dreams for a harmonious future are shattered by the turbulence of political violence.

Behind the Scenes Anecdotes: Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi

In 1972, while shooting a dance sequence for ‘Har Mana Har’, directed by Salil Sen, Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen engaged in a playful exchange. Speculation swirled about a conversation between Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi, another renowned actress. According to rumors, Suchitra Sen humorously asked Supriya Devi if she felt jealous watching their romantic scenes. Supriya Devi’s response was candid, expressing that she had witnessed countless such scenes on the big screen and found them quite ordinary.

As we reflect on the life and legacy of the charismatic Uttam Kumar, we are reminded that behind the silver screen personas were individuals who navigated the complexities of relationships, art, and society. The magnetic charm of Uttam Kumar endures, reminding us that some stories, even after half a century, continue to weave their magic in the hearts of generations.

That’s all from the history of 3rd September.

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