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History of 2nd June- Telephone & Telangana  

History of 2nd June- Telephone & Telangana  

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History of 2nd June

Today’s episode of this series delves into the history of 2nd June.  It includes the invention of the telephone in 1896 by Alexander Graham Bell and the birth of the state of Telangana in 2014.

Before I delve into the history of 2nd June let me share some sad news. The Cheetahs which were so dramatically released by the prime minister last year in the national park gave birth to 3 cubs. However, the national park has experienced the unfortunate loss of two cheetah cubs, while a third cub remains in critical condition. This follows the recent death of another cub within the park.

These cubs hold great significance as they mark the first cheetah births in India in over 70 years, following the official declaration of the animal’s extinction in the country. In March, a female cheetah, brought from Namibia to India the previous year, successfully gave birth to the cubs.

To ensure their well-being, the female cheetah and her three cubs were placed under close observation by park authorities. However, the scorching temperatures, reaching nearly 47 degrees Celsius, on Tuesday had a detrimental impact on the cubs’ health. They exhibited signs of weakness, being underweight, and severe dehydration.

Despite efforts to save them, two cubs tragically passed away on Thursday, while the remaining cub fights for survival under intensive treatment.

The reintroduction of cheetahs to India, part of an ambitious re-population initiative, was met with enthusiasm by wildlife experts. However, some cautioned about potential risks the cheetahs might face from other predators and a possible scarcity of prey.

In September 2022, eight cheetahs were translocated from Namibia, followed by an additional 12 from South Africa in February 2023. Unfortunately, three cheetahs have died within the past two months, and now the loss of these three cubs brings the toll to six.

Recognizing the concerning pattern of animal deaths, the Supreme Court recently expressed its worries and urged the government to consider relocating the cheetahs to an alternative location.

Now let me share some positive news from the history of 2nd June.

Alexander Graham Bell and his sound transmission 1896

With one end of the wire connected to his experimental apparatus and the other end held by his assistant, Thomas A. Watson, he uttered the famous words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” To his astonishment, the sound of his voice traveled along the wire and reached Watson with remarkable clarity. As I go through the pages of the history of 2nd June I find this is how Alexander Graham Bell successfully accomplished the first-ever transmitted sound in history in his laboratory in Boston.

Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish-born inventor, and scientist, has long been fascinated by the nature of sound and its potential to connect people across great distances. Through extensive research and experimentation, he developed the concept of the telephone, a device capable of transmitting sound electronically.

On this historic day, Alexander Graham Bell was conducting experiments at his laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts. He had been working tirelessly to refine his invention, aiming to send sound signals over a wire. With a mixture of anticipation and excitement, Bell made the necessary preparations and took a significant step toward realizing his vision.

Alexander Graham Bell’s pioneering work on sound transmission propelled him to become one of the most influential inventors of all time. His invention of the telephone transformed society, bridging gaps between individuals and revolutionizing global communication.

Today, we can look back with admiration at the tenacity and ingenuity of Alexander Graham Bell, whose groundbreaking work forever changed the way we communicate. It is a testament to the power of human innovation and serves as a reminder that even the most audacious dreams can become a reality.

Now let me transmit you to the year 2014 with my second story from the history of 2nd June.

Happy Birthday Telangana  

On this day, June 2, 2014, Telangana officially became the 29th state of India, marking a momentous occasion for the people of the region.

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The formation of Telangana as a separate state was the culmination of a long and arduous struggle that spanned several decades. The demand for a separate state, based on linguistic and regional aspirations, was rooted in the historical and cultural uniqueness of the Telugu-speaking population in the northern region of Andhra Pradesh.

The journey towards the creation of Telangana witnessed numerous protests, agitations, and political movements, with people fervently voicing their aspirations for self-governance and economic development. The movement gained significant momentum in the early 2000s, ultimately leading to the passing of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act in Parliament in 2014.

With the enactment of the reorganization act, Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated, and Telangana emerged as an independent state, with Hyderabad as its capital. The new state of Telangana covers an area of approximately 114,840 square kilometers and shares borders with Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and economic potential. The region is home to several ancient monuments, including the iconic Golconda Fort, Charminar, and the historical city of Warangal. Furthermore, Telangana’s fertile land and extensive water resources contribute to its agricultural productivity, while its growing IT industry and investment-friendly policies have positioned it as a major hub for technological and business development.

As we commemorate the day when Telangana joined the League of states in India, let us acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices made by the countless individuals who fought for their dreams and aspirations. The creation of Telangana serves as a testament to the power of democracy and the spirit of inclusiveness, as it granted a separate identity and voice to the people of the region.

On this historic day, let us celebrate the journey of Telangana and look forward to a future marked by progress, prosperity, and harmony.

That’s all for the day.

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