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History of 17th August – Dasari Subrahmanyam

History of 17th August – Dasari Subrahmanyam

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History of 17th August

In this episode we discuss the history of 17th August. From the Jews gaining the right to group prayer in Budapest in 1787 to the slave revolt in Curacao in 1795 and the declaration of the Radcliffe Line in 1947, this date marks diverse moments in global history. As a feature story, we pay tribute to Dasari Subrahmanyam on his birth anniversary.

History of 17th August takes us to the year 1787 when on this day the Jews were granted permission to pray in groups in the city of Budapest Hungary. Prior to this day, they were not allowed to pray in any public places.

Moving on with the history of 17th August we come to the year 1795 when on this day the Slave revolt at Knip plantation started in Curacao.

This was also the day when the Radcliffe Line was declared and the border between the Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan is revealed in the year 1947. This is also the day when the first British troops left for home after the independence of India.

With this, we come to the feature story from the history of 17th August.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Wordsmith Behind Chandamama’s Magical Tales: Dasari Subrahmanyam

In the hearts of every Telugu reader, Chandamama holds a cherished place, invoking nostalgia and fond memories of bygone days. This beloved literary treasure trove captivated its audience with its enchanting stories and delightful comics. Amidst its pages lay hidden a constellation of talented writers, crafting the realms of fantasy that transported readers into a world of wonder. Among these literary maestros, one name that remained largely unknown but profoundly impactful was that of Dasari Subrahmanyam, a legendary writer who gifted us with the gift of imagination.

Dasari Subrahmanyam, a luminary in the world of Telugu literature, was born on the 17th of August, 1932. His remarkable journey with Chandamama magazine spanned over five decades, during which he penned a plethora of stories that unfurled the magic of fantasy before readers’ eyes. He breathed life into serialized adventure tales, weaving intricate narratives that transported readers to ancient and medieval times, igniting their imagination and sparking their sense of wonder.

However, Subrahmanyam’s identity remained veiled in anonymity, as he penned his stories under various pseudonyms. Chandamama’s practice of not publishing the names of its in-house authors added to the mystique surrounding his works. This often left readers puzzled, trying to decipher which stories were truly his creation. His writings encompassed a wide array of genres, ranging from detective mysteries to folklores and social series.

One of his notable works, the serial ‘Mruthyuloya,’ published in the magazine ‘Bommarillu,’ became a sensation, captivating readers with its intrigue and imagination. Ironically, it was only after his demise that the world began to truly recognize and appreciate the genius behind the words.

Subrahmanyam’s stories weren’t just tales on pages; they were portals to a realm of magic and fantasy, where readers could escape the mundane and embark on extraordinary journeys. His narrative brilliance painted vivid landscapes and populated them with compelling characters, making his stories come alive in the reader’s mind.

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In recognition of his immense contributions to folklores and storytelling, Dasari Subrahmanyam was bestowed with the title ‘Janapada Navala Samrat.’ This honor was a testament to his commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region through his narratives. However, it wasn’t until the year 2011 when the publication ‘India Today’ finally shed light on this mystical writer, unraveling the enigma that was Dasari Subrahmanyam.

One cannot discuss Subrahmanyam’s legacy without acknowledging his close friend and relative, Dasari Venkata Ramana. This friend turned biographer played a crucial role in unveiling Subrahmanyam’s identity to the world. In an essay published in Rachana magazine, Ramana shared insights into the life and work of Subrahmanyam, revealing the mind behind the mesmerizing tales that had captivated readers for decades.

Subrahmanyam’s storytelling transcended time and left an indelible mark on the hearts of Telugu readers. His legacy lives on, reminding us of the power of imagination and the beauty of words. As we celebrate the anniversary of his birth, let us remember the writer who conjured worlds of wonder and shared them with us, leaving an everlasting legacy in the annals of Telugu literature. A small tribute to Dasari Subrahmanyam on his birth anniversary.

That’s all from the history of 17th August.

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