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History of 14th May- Condensed Milk

History of 14th May- Condensed Milk

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14th May history

Today’s episode of the series talks about the impact of human development on nature and its effects on Migratory Birds, today being  ‘World Migratory Bird Day’. It also talks about Gail Borden’s patent for condensed milk on this day from the history of 14th May.

Today we celebrate ‘The World Migratory Bird Day’ and it takes me back to my childhood in Guwahati. I remember we used to often visit Deepor Bill to see the migratory birds that used to come during winter. However, during my recent visit to the city I met Ashim Sir an ornithologist who informed me that the number of birds has decreased significantly. It appears the excessive focus on development is leading to the destruction of nature and subsequently reduction of migratory birds. I hope we soon recognize the value of nature and start respecting it. With this hope in mind, I come to my first story from the history of 14th May.

Gail Borden Revolutionizes the Dairy Industry

I remember as a child, I was guilty of stealing condensed milk from the pantry quite often and eating it straight out of the can. I know, I know, it wasn’t the most mature thing to do, but the sweet and creamy goodness was just too irresistible!

But now that I’m all grown up, I can’t help but laugh at those childhood antics. I mean, who needs a spoon when you have a can opener, am I right?

Well, there goes my confession but did you know that it was on 14th May 1853 when Gail Borden, a man with diverse skills, was granted a patent for his process of creating condensed milk? Borden was a land surveyor, newspaper publisher, and inventor who was determined to find a way to make milk more easily transportable and long-lasting.

Borden’s process involved heating fresh milk in a vacuum, which removed a significant portion of its water content. The result was a highly concentrated, syrupy liquid that could be canned and shipped without spoiling. Condensed milk could also be reconstituted by adding water, making it a convenient and reliable source of milk in areas where fresh milk was not readily available.

Borden’s invention revolutionized the dairy industry, allowing for the mass production and distribution of milk products. It was particularly useful during wartime when fresh milk supplies were limited and soldiers needed a reliable source of nutrition.

In addition to his contributions to the dairy industry, Borden was also a successful newspaper publisher. He founded the “Telegraph and Texas Register” in 1835, which became one of the most influential newspapers in the region. Borden’s journalistic efforts also included advocating for Texas to become an independent republic and for the abolition of slavery.

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Borden’s legacy lives on today through the company he founded, Borden Dairy Company. Although the company has gone through various changes and challenges over the years, it remains one of the largest and most successful dairy producers in the United States.

Overall, Gail Borden’s patent for condensed milk from the history of 14th May was a significant milestone in the history of the dairy industry. His invention allowed for the mass production and distribution of milk products, revolutionizing the way milk was consumed and making it accessible to people in even the most remote locations.

This is all from the history of 14th May. Goodbye and have a good Sunday. See you tomorrow.


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