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Hear my Voice

Dive into “Hear My Voice,” a poignant poem by Babita Thapa challenging societal norms and celebrating the resilience of those who deviate from conformity. Explore the profound worth of individuality through vivid metaphors and heartfelt expression, urging readers to listen, empathize, and recognize the value in every unique voice.

In a world where conformity is often prized above individuality, the voices of those who dare to deviate from the norm are frequently marginalized. “Hear My Voice” is a poignant plea from the core of my heart which was born as I face society’s relentless judgment and scorn. Through my vivid imagination and rational metaphors, I penned this poem capturing the essence of resilience and the deep, unacknowledged worth that lies within each person deemed different. It challenges readers to look beyond surface judgments and to recognize the strength and value that can be found in those who walk paths less traveled. As you journey through this poetic expression, may you be moved to listen more deeply, to empathize more fully, and to understand more profoundly the voices that cry out for recognition and respect in a world too quick to condemn. So I share this poem from the core of my heart for my readers hoping for a change….

Hear My Voice

You think I am a rebel, a shame, a noise
Oh Society! Would you ever care to hear my voice?
You frown upon me and judge my worth;
Why don’t you just once try to unearth
the gems hidden in my heart deep down
covered with layers of ashes all around.
When I walk on the path less chosen; why do you frown?
You leave no stone unturned to bring me down.
I stumble, I break, I even fall down
but to your surprise I am strong enough to get up, dust myself and fix my crown.
Walk a mile in my shoes and if you ever succeed,
I bet you will stand by my side whenever I need;
then holding me in disfavour will not remain your choice.
Oh Society! Would you ever care to hear my voice?

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