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Giving Wings to Your Ideas – EIS Turns 2

Giving Wings to Your Ideas – EIS Turns 2

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As we celebrate our second anniversary, we do so with pride and knowledge that it could not have been possible without you – our readers. Keep spreading the Good Word

By Manjulaa Shirodkar 

As we at turn a stupendous TWO, we are reminded of the first time this idea of a free flowing website on the North East of India came to us. It charged up the whole team at EIS (as its fondly called) comprising content writers, editorial staff and marketing people, all of whom were and continue to be volunteers. Yes, you read that right, and you can read it again. The brainchild of  Sid Ghosh and Sashank Sarmah…. the EIS team has grown from 20 contributors beginning 22 August 2020 to over 80 and growing, even as you read this.

We set out with an intent and with only one prerequisite. Whatever we published would be positive. So, we were clear what we didn’t want. Thus, it was clear that politics and disturbing or negative news of any kind was a big no, no. There were enough channels catering to that demand. The question that remained was, what did we want? Would we publish fiction, non-fiction, news, stories, poetry, do podcasts, book reviews, music, information about the North-East and its culture…suddenly, it became clear. The field was wide open for our content creators. We would be limitless. But who would want to read our kind of articles and features?

Guess what? Even we were taken aback when our limited surveys on audiences’ reaction showed that people were yearning for this. That they too were exhausted with only negative stories making it to the forefront on our computers and mobile phone screens. We too were surprised by how many turned up with stories, poems, news on music, concerts, literary pieces, information on the lesser known aspects of the North East, travelogues, filmmakers from the North East, its music composers, its festivals, cuisines and its culture.

Then we went a step further – we went Beyond the East, realizing that positivity could flow from any direction and could be about so many things – including self-development and self-worth. So some of our stories began reflecting personal experiences, our own life stories which contained lessons that every one could relate to and put to use in their lives. Once we figured that there were readers waiting to read our kind of writing… we opened our doors to those who wanted to write for us.

We reached out to each and everyone who was keen on putting their pens to paper or fingers to the keyboard! We didn’t distinguish between the young and the old, the amateur and the professional, from novices to experienced voices – we welcomed all. And they have stayed with us. Happy to be published and happy to be sharing their journeys. Most writers stayed, a few left – only to return and new members joined us. There’s no dearth of writers out there who want to have their voice heard. EIS is that voice. It is Their Voice. It is Your Voice.

We’re today proud to share that we are all growing together, we are learning together and we are here to stay. As we step into the 3rd year of our online existence, let’s welcome you all once again. Stay with us, read with us, enjoy your life’s journeys with us and keep the flag of EIS flying high. This portal is about you, for you and by you. Make it grow. For in your growth, lies ours.



Readers Testimonials


Moonmoon DeyHooray!! EIS has turned 2 today. Being a bookworm and a fanatic believer of EIS, it gives me enormous delight to share my connect with it.

EIS is just an absolute platter which touches every nook and cranny of the soul and mind. Be it the famous biographies, soul smoothening quick munch of some short series, any appealing recipe over which you feel like drooling or a musical tribute to the legends. EIS is just an one stop shop for me and an insight for looking forward to the weekends.

Three cheers for EIS!!!

Long live !!

Moonmoon Dey, New Delhi, India


SudiptaIt’s been a memorable journey indeed. Two years and so many quality articles those are really newsworthy too. You Choose topics those are important, relevant and have archival values. Wish you more success and wish to have such more articles from The East India Story.

Sudipta Chanda, Kolkata, India


Ashwakul HaqueEastIndiaStory has been a pioneering magazine with content that’s not been considered by many others as a viable post. But here they have achieved a goal of promoting and highlighting different aspects of personalities with exceptional talents or stories in their lives. They have also covered a wide range of topics. Here, we get travel blogs and not dry, boring writing about monuments or touristy sights but the personal experience of the writer who have not only travelled to that place but also established a connect with it – that is what makes the article more interesting. It’s gives us a bird’s eye view.

In my personal experience Somashis Gupta promoted my acquaintance whom I had referred to him for possible contributions. The publicity she has achieved and the resultant confidence she gained is because her content was carried in East India Story.

Overall we wish to see more and more information and interesting write-ups from East India Story and finally congratulations to the whole team for doing excellent work. All the best.

Ashwakul Haque, Shillong, India


IpshitaI first came across this magazine a couple of years ago and what I loved the most about it is that the stories were unique and had a fresh tone of writing which I cherished. East India Story features interesting stories and features that are out of the box and that makes it all the more worthwhile. Sid and his team are truly building a great magazine for all to enjoy! Delighted to have come across East India Stories!! Wishing them more success ahead.

Ipshita Sengupta, Kolkata, India


Deb seem to be a very simplistic yet enthralling portal for a region that is hardly traversed. The first striking feature is the way the website is designed -lucid yet engulfing a wide array of life’s dimensions in conjunction with relevant pictures. EIS stretches and cracks out its boundaries to depict the community that surrounds it. The variety of authors – who range from the most experienced to the most promising shows that no one is discriminated against. It is truly egalitarian. A great platform for our Future GenZ and Alphas of the world. The articles and features draw a wire to the human emotions and awaken the subconscious mind.

Here’s wishing the entire Team of EIS great success and hope they continue to fill the human souls with their never ending richness.

Debshankar Ghosh, Kolkata, India is an interesting site. I have come to know alot of stuff that I was not aware of. Keep up your good work and I’m sure in future I’ll learn more.All the best to all of you.

Tanuka Bose, New Delhi, India


RajashreeIt’s always a pleasure to read the articles of this magazine and I truly appreciate the authors and everyone who give us immense reading enjoyment, week after week.

Rajashree Chakraborty Choudhury, New Delhi, India



Sandip MukherjiEast India stories are superlative – a series of articles which are truly enlightening and informative. I loved reading nuggets about the unknown colonial history of the North-East. I wish these articles are collected into a book which could make a great rainy day read. Wish you all the best and keep enlightening and entertaining us.

Sandip Mukherji, New Delhi, India


ShuvraEastIndiaStory is a professional and mature platform where authors come up with realistic and holistic information about the little known regions of the North-East. The write-ups are clear and crisp, with vivid historical and geographical erudition. It throws light on the most ignored yet scintillating region of our country India. Each and every article fills my heart with pride and fondness for the region, its people and its historic ascendancy. I genuinely look forward to the brilliant write-ups week after week. Thanks a lot, eastindiastory.

Shubhra Chattaraj, New Delhi, India


PanchamiI always read Rhituparna’s stories in your page. The way she vibrantly describes her characters and creates interesting plot twists is amazing. I feel like I actually know few of her characters.
Looking forward to reading more of her work..

Dr. Panchami Baruah, Guwahati, India


I asked my friends to suggest a portal they they trust in terms of reading. I was in a state of depression and anger seemed to be a way of life. Under such circumstances my doctor advised me to indulge in activities which calm me. I have always been a book lover, so decided to return to my reading. It was then that the recommendations came in from my friends. Many suggestions included a web magazine all the way from India. It was From that day on till today I have not missed a single weekend to read this magazine. This magazine has given me new strength and a new hope. I would like to specially mention the father-daughter series which highlights a lot of unknown aspects of your country. I wish you all the best.

Olivia Smith, Edinburg, UK


SudeepEast India Story covers vivid colours of life like Books, Music, Cinema and Theatre.We eagerly wait for Saturdays to get a chance to learn some interesting facts and stories around Environment, Food, Culture, Health, Travel or Sports from the North East of India. Heartiest Congratulations to each of the members of East India Story on the anniversary and best wishes for the future journey.

Sudeep Pathak, Bangalore, India


PrakritiHearty Congratulations to on your second anniversary. The write-ups on this website are simple, rich and holistic. My very best wishes to the team for the future.

Prakriti Pradhan, Darjeeling, India


AbhilashaCongratulations to East India Story on its second anniversary. I have been an ardent reader of your content. What really has been keeping me hooked since the time I was introduced to it, is the diversity of content. The revival of storytelling in a digital format is stupendous. Kudos to the team for a stellar job. All the best.

Abhilasha Chowdhury, Kolkata, India


Keep charming us always, East India Story. My best wishes.

Anisul Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh


East India Story makes me nostalgic. Staying in London for the past 20 years, I look forward to get a glimpse of the place I was born in. Keep up the good work.

Arnab Dutta, London, United Kingdom


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SrishtiEast India Story is an impressive platform which I look forward to, on weekends. Do keep charming us, I wish you all the best for the next year.

Srishti, Guwahati, India


Being a person from Science, I am greatly impressed with the research based articles which is rare to find these days. I must say your magazine is a platform I look forward to. Just one feedback, some of the articles are superstitious in nature, which I feel you can look into.

Dr. Pillai, Kolkata, India


Charming, that is what I think East India Story is. A true weekend entertainer. Best of Luck for future.

Joseph Gonsalves, Goa, India


NilakshiI love Rhituparna Chakraborty‘s work a lot. She is a fantastic writer. Her stories have the right balance of humor, emotions, and amazing plot twists. I love reading her stories on East India Story. Her stories are very imaginative and help me relax after a long tiring day.

Nilakshi Barua, New Delhi, India


Every weekend I look to the East (to East India Story) for inspiration and for my weekend feast.

The story-telling format to convey information is particularly inspiring. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Lona Moitra, Sydney, Australia


Eastindiastory has been doing exceptionalwork in its effort to bring joy to its readers. I have been surprised by the range of new subjects every time I read the articles in the magazine.The main strength of Eastindiastory is its varied range of subjects.The magazine has always shown an unprejudiced approach towards every subject it deals with. I wish good luck to the entire team of Eastindiastory for its future endeavors and hope it becomes immensely popular among all age groups in every part of the country.

Anirban Gupta, Dhubri, India


RhitamIt has been more than a year since I have been following East India Story. I have come across interesting articles right from places to cuisines to history and my all favourite segment , fiction. I have come across fiction by Rhituparna Chakraborty. She is able to connect to the audience through her stories and keeps the audience engrossed throughout. Also, I really enjoy reading stories by Dr. Saumya Shankar Choudhury. He has this crown of humour enamouring his stories. The collection of segments EIS has, is amazing. I look forward to their articles and stories.

Dr. Rhitam Chakraborty, New Delhi, India


TridibThe EIS is much more than a platform of story telling. It’s a place to rekindle the childhood, it’s a reminiscent of the untold dreams, it’s a secret place to romanticize the silence of woods of the north east and just ramble like the burah luit.

Tridib Chowdhury, Bangalore, India


MousomiMany Congratulations!!!!To the Team of East India Story. I have been a follower of Sid’s creative work and it has improved immensely. He has generated lot of interests with such a varied and interesting content of articles in the magazine’ East India Story’.
The encouragement to do research on the structured content of the magazine provides everyone an opportunity to express views and unbiased opinions.
Best wishes always -East India Story.

Mousomi Chakravorty, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Dilip Kumar RoyIt’s a pleasure reading the eastindiastory. Its very informative and interesting.

Dilip Kumar Roy, Guwahati, India




Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. We look forward to bringing you more engaging content in future as well. 

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