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“Fly High” by Soumita Saha and DJ Simon G Soars

“Fly High” by Soumita Saha and DJ Simon G Soars

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Fly High by Soumita Saha and DJ Simon G

Fly High is a groundbreaking fusion of talents where singer and composer Soumita Saha blends her music with producer DJ Simon G. This avant-garde masterpiece seamlessly blends EDM with classical grace, captivating listeners with its infectious melody and pulsating beats. Dive into the world of “Fly High,” a musical journey that transcends genres and sets a new standard in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, collaborations often breathe new life into the industry, and “Fly High” stands as a testament to this fact. This avant-garde fusion of talents features the mesmerizing vocals and composition skills of Indian singer and music composer Soumita Saha, paired with the dynamic beats of music producer DJ Simon G. The result? A musical masterpiece that has quickly become a sensation, crossing 10,000 streams on Spotify within days of its digital release.

For Soumita Saha, whose previous experimentation with EDM in “Yaad Piya Ki” left an indelible mark on the music industry, “Fly High” marks another milestone in her career. Widely recognized as the EDM Queen, Soumita has once again pushed boundaries, this time teaming up with DJ Simon G for a revolutionary project that seamlessly blends pulsating dance beats with the classical grace of Tilana.

The English original, “Fly High,” introduces listeners to an infectious melody and an unforgettable groove, promising to captivate hearts across the globe. DJ Simon G takes the reins as the songwriter and composer, skillfully crafting a sonic experience that transcends genres. The track is a testament to the duo’s musical prowess and their ability to create a harmonious blend of diverse influences.

“Fly High” is not just conquering the digital airwaves; it’s making its mark across all major music streaming platforms. The accompanying music video, set to release on Melotunes’ official YouTube Channel on December 4th, promises a visual feast for fans. Renowned illustrator Debarati De has lent her artistic touch to both the album art and the animated elements of the music video, adding a visual dimension to the auditory experience.

The song’s production is a collaborative effort, with Ritesh Roy handling the mixing and mastering to ensure a polished and captivating sound. Soumita’s rendition of “Fly High” is nothing short of beautiful, showcasing her versatility as an artist and reaffirming her status as the EDM Queen.

In a statement, Soumita expressed her excitement about the project, saying, “I have been exploring EDM since 2017, and in India, the fan base really started growing around mid-2019 for this genre. Being a fusion enthusiast, I witnessed North Indian Hindustani classical styles fusing with EDM in ‘Yaad Piya Ki.’ Now, it’s time to see how audiences embrace EDM blending with the carnatic Tilana in ‘Fly High.'”

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Soumita’s previous English originals, ‘Play The Tune’ and ‘Savage Side,’ garnered significant appreciation from listeners, establishing her as a versatile and dynamic artist. As a renowned playback singer in India, Soumita Saha continues to contribute to the diverse tapestry of the country’s music scene.

With “Fly High,” Soumita Saha and DJ Simon G have not only created a chart-topping hit but also a musical experience that transcends borders, genres, and expectations. As the EDM Queen continues to spread her wings, “Fly High” stands as a shining example of the magic that happens when musical innovators come together.

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