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Finding Beat Blasters

Finding Beat Blasters

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Team Beat Blasters cutting the cake

The author witnessed a musical performance in 2018. She failed to recollect the name until… Read to find out.

By Rishita

It was December 2018, the year I finished my 12th. I was in Calcutta trying to uplift my skills in art and preparing for my entrance for art colleges. I remember it was the 24th of December, when a sudden decision to visit Park Street ended up in witnessing one of the finest musical performance I have seen. What impressed me the most was their music and also the instruments they used, some known and some unknown.

In fact it was my first time I saw an instrument named ‘Didgeridoo’ an Aboriginal instrument of northern Australia. I was also equally impressed with ‘Hang Drum’ an instrument based on the Caribbean steel-pan instrument. That evening in Allen Park, Park Street Calcutta was a memorable one. But unfortunately I do not remember the name of the band which allured me so much until recently.

It was the 18th of December, I got  a call from Papa, he said

“Do you remember Beat Blasters?”

I was all confused and asked him “Who?”

“Beat Blasters, the band which allured you so much in Park Street” said he.

“Ah! So that is their name” I was happy.

“Yes in fact it was their 8th Birthday yesterday, and they celebrated it with a cake cutting ceremony and gigs.” He informed.

“I see”

“In fact some more news for you Beat Blasters also announced their debut instrumental album yesterday.”

“Huh! That I would call as ‘the news of the day’ you gave me” I continued with a question “who all are the members?”

“Well as I know this band has some of the best percussionists like Himadri Sekhar Das, Namit Bajoria, Ranit Das Chiranjit Sarkar, Subhodeep Kundu Chowdhury,  Ritam Gayen.”

The Beat Blasters playing the music

“I see”

“You know beat is defined as a rhythmic movement or is the speed at which a piece of music is played, and that my dear can be related to our heart beat and that is why this steals your heart away” Papa said.

“How did it all start?” I asked.

Himadri Sekhar Das
Himadri Sekhar Das

Well it is noted percussionist Himadri Sekhar Das’s brainchild” he continued “Beat Blasters started its journey on 17 December,2015. Being a creative musician he always thinks of a new way of playing and that made him landed with this band featuring some brilliant musicians.”

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“I remember this band generates electrifying rhythm and melody, which they created with various percussion intrusions from all across the globe” I said.

“Not only that, this band creates music with some social messages where beats and rhythms bear a definite communication for a cause. I remember last year they released a music video Paracyclone dedicating performing artistes who faced a bad phase due to the pandemic.”

“But you never told me about it?” I was angry.

“Why don’t you listen to it now, let me share a link with you” saying this he shared this video ..

After listening to it I called Papa..

“It holds a positive vibe as it deals an essence of bring back live music again.” I commented.

Namit Bajoria
Namit Bajoria

“Yes, true, in fact do you know Himadri informed that day that ‘It’s been a memorable journey. We always love to feature unique percussion instruments which audiences love to explore’ than Namit Bajoria also added ‘We produce new kind of soundscapes. We don’t have any albums yet. That’s why planning our debut instrumental album in New Year.”

I heard this and trust me I am already excited about the New Year when I will be able to listen the Beat Blasters.

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