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Faithfully Unfaithful – Part 2

Faithfully Unfaithful – Part 2

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Sandy is a successful business woman while John served jail days

Who killed the man at the Bar? Was it Sandy? Find out why Sandy was unfaithful to John in the concluding part of this sensational story by Pooja Chawla

Illutration by Tavleen Kaur

PART – 2

As days passed John kept on wondering why Sandy framed him, he was also thinking about the secret person who reduced his Jail term. Sometimes he even presumed it could have been Sandy.

On the other hand, while John was convicted and taken to prison, Sandy who escaped from the murder scene, took all the money of John and immigrated to India from London where they were staying after their marriage.

Time passed and soon 15 was over. John was a free man now. He decided to come to his home but had a heavy heart thinking of confronting Sandy and asking her why she did that with him and never contacted him in these 15 years. He was completely unaware that Sandy was living a carefree and lavish life in India.

He was completely surprised to find that his home was sold off by Sandy. Even his office, and whatever belonged to him was given away to gain money which helped Sandy to run away from there without leaving a hint of her behind her back.

John decided to find out about Sandy and if she is the murderer to make her pay for her wrongdoings and ruining his life.

Somehow he managed to find Sandy’s whereabouts and decided to meet her.

Alas! He wasn’t able to prove Sandy as a murderer or who he thought was behind that murder. Since Sandy was a powerful businesswoman now he thought she must have bribed everyone.

John decided to punish her himself outside the court which would become a lesson for life for Sandy.

John decided to blackmail her for the murder she would have done and called her at the back of her office to which she agreed to meet.

John shouted and asked her “Why did you do this to me, Sandy?”

Sandy replied with a shaken voice, “I did nothing; you must have killed someone, so you had to pay for your doings.” She was hesitant in her voice and her eyes weren’t able to make direct contact with John.

John again shouted at her and said,” You ruined my life, took away my everything…, left me on the streets, Rather I should say you gave me a tag of a criminal.”

Sandy replied with fear in her eyes, “I told you, it had nothing to do with me. I was your wife, so in your absence I needed to handle your house and office. Everywhere I used to hear John is a murderer so I decided to shift to an unknown place.”

John replied, “Your life ruined because of me or you ruined me. You don’t even realize, Sandy.”

Sandy accepted all the blames and told him everything.

She started telling him in a crying voice, “I had to do that because I had seen the same incident happen with my father. I was helpless at that time, as I was a kid but this time I wanted to save you for the sake of our love and care.

And… I didn’t want you to suffer the struggle to earn from scratch to meet basic needs even like me.

Someone from your office was planning to misuse your power and tried to play the dirty game of office politics, they tried to make you sign on a contract because of which you would have lost your every penny and gain was for them, I got to know about this when I went to your office one day and overheard them.

They got to know that and they decided to frame me, killed someone but tried to make me into a criminal.”

John, in a surprised and angry voice said, “you should have told me everything, Sandy.”

Sandy replied in a worried voice, “How could I? Office head was trying his best to keep an eye on me so that I wouldn’t have told you everything. They were playing the never imagined tactics.”

Sandy again confessed, “I didn’t want to make you go through the same embarrassing future again like my father. So, I decided to put you through this trouble, and I decided to run away from there and save your hard-earned penny.”

John said in an angry voice, “so you put me through all this. Why didn’t you come to meet me even once?”

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Sandy apologized to John, “Sorry John, I didn’t mean to. It just happened, I tried to meet but evil planners were trying their best to take over your company”

John responded with a blank emotion, “will your sorry return my 15 years Sandy, my house, office. Nothing is left. How will I live now?”

Sandy continued, “Since these wicked people were trying their best to frame me again, the only way to save you was getting a divorce and taking over your company and house as my alimony.

I can compensate you with whatever you want, I established my business here, if you want you can join me as a co-founder, or I can give you your share of money so that you can live and set up your business again.”

Sandy felt sorry to make John criminal but did not have another option.

John’s curiosity increased and asked, “Then how were you able to decrease my punishment from 20 years to 15 years?”

Sandy replied. “I used to donate in an NGO by your name when you used to say overspending. I used to do shopping but I did want to donate the double amount. So, the NGO had a lawyer who knew about both of us. He tried to save your company’s case and handed it over to me and tried his best possible way to prove you innocent and decrease your punishment term.”

John became teary-eyed, everything around them seemed beautiful yet a creeping silence prevailed amidst the loud noises of dhols outside in lieu of Ganpati Visarjan.

Few years later, John and Sandy made their mark as successful business partners. Both lived happily ever after though they were not together.


Illustrator : Tavleen Kaur
Tavleen KaurTavleen studies in class X student and is from New Delhi. She’s passionate about drawing and painting. Apart from that, she loves to read books. You can see Tavleen’s artwork on her Instagram page @k.tavleen_1208


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