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Exploring Life and Beyond: The Two Poetic Perspectives

Exploring Life and Beyond: The Two Poetic Perspectives

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Life and Beyond

We share two contrasting poetic works, “The Elder Daughter” by Shivangi Puja Barua and “Death: A New Beginning,” by Dr. Puja Banerjee Barua, exploring themes of resilience, familial duty, identity, and the mysteries surrounding death. Through vivid imagery, introspective reflections, and thought-provoking metaphors, the poems delve into the complexities of life and mortality, inviting readers to contemplate the profound significance of each fleeting moment.

In the realm of poetic expression, two distinct voices emerge, each offering a unique contemplation on life and its inevitable counterpart, death. In “The Elder Daughter,” we are drawn into the inner musings of a resilient individual, navigating the delicate balance between familial expectations and personal aspirations. Through poignant imagery and introspective reflections, the elder daughter emerges as a beacon of strength, shouldering the burdens of her loved ones while nurturing her own inner flame of individuality. Her journey is one of quiet determination and unwavering devotion, as she strives to uphold the honor of her family name while carving out her own path in the world.

Contrastingly, “Death: A New Beginning” invites readers to ponder the enigmatic nature of death against the backdrop of life’s vibrant tapestry. Here, the poet in her poetic expression confronts death not as a definitive end, but as a transition into the unknown realms beyond. Through evocative language and thought-provoking metaphors, the poem challenges conventional notions of mortality, presenting death as both a somber departure and a gateway to liberation. In juxtaposition to the fleeting uncertainties of life, death is depicted as a realm of tranquility and release, where the weary find solace and the courageous embrace the eternal mysteries that lie ahead.

Together, these two poems offer a compelling exploration of the human experience, delving into themes of resilience, identity, and the ever-rippling currents of existence. Through the lens of poetic verse, readers are invited to contemplate life’s intricate complexities and the profound significance of each fleeting moment in the vast tapestry of existence.

The Elder Daughter

I am my parents’ pride but not my own
They want to call me their torch bearer, while the only thing I like is to light my own needs on fire,
to let the light immerse its way through the cracks in me.
Yes, I might break like a fragile piece of glass sometimes,
but I will be that piece of stained glass stuck to the idea of the tiniest bit of light from within,
That will protect the insides of my home from the evil eyes of the stranger
I may shed a tear whenever my mind gets messy,
but those tears will always water the dry garden of my people, so that they may nourish their thirsty soul-seeds into beautiful flowers of love and happiness.
You will never know when I’m in need but i will always hold together the walls of my home, whenever needed….
For I’m the elder daughter who will hold up and lead with the torch of pride in my father’s name
Catch the silent tears of my mother’s pain
Be a mother to my sibling’s innocence,
and bring honour to my family’s name.

Shivangi Puja Barua

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Death a New Beginning

Death must be a quiet place. It has to be. If life is full of high pitched chaos.
Death must be a restful place. If life is a frenzy of struggle.
Death must be freedom from pain. If life is a blur of agonizing pain and hurt.
After all, death is the antithesis of life, is it not?
But before you are swayed, please note, death is also an escape, which suits cowards.
Life is for the brave. For those willing to fight.
Death is darkness, which is endless.
Life is an aurora of brightness!
Death is the unknown!
Life is the option of seeking knowledge, of traversing charted yet mysterious territory..
Death is the end, my friend…there is no story to tell thereafter.
Life is all about beginnings… the first cry, the first song, the first step, the first beat, the first blush….
Death is final,
Life is all about possibilities…
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