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Dr Jyothi Deo – An Epitome of Determination

Dr Jyothi Deo – An Epitome of Determination

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Dr Jyoti Deo
She never missed an opportunity to travel around the country with her lovely family
Dr. Jyothi Deo with her loving brother Dr SVS Deo at ABSICON 2018, AIIMS
A loving Aunt to her dear neice
Enjoying her meal as a patient in AIIMS +2
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A brave doctor & breast cancer patient Jyothi, fought her own ailments dauntlessly while rendering relentless service to humanity with complete vigour and vitality. Read this inspiring account on the compassionate doctor, Jyothi Deo from Vizag who gallantly sailed through the many storms of her life to remain undefeated till she breathed her last on 30th December 2021.

On the 30th of December 2021, in the city of Vizag, a doctor died. Her mortal remains perished, but she left behind, memories that no fire could consume. It is a memory of determination and strength, of the unending service she offered to mankind which has the power to move us and inspire us today and in the days to come. We who owe her so much salute her memory.

The house in Salur, Andra Pradesh hummed with joy when Jyothi Deo was born to Mr Vikram Deo and Mrs Dhiraj Kumari. Young Jyothi had a euphoric childhood with her friends and family. Her compassionate nature could be seen even in her early days as nothing seemed to fascinate her more than offer a helping hand to others. She was a gifted student and adored by all.

It was in 1981 that she joined the Medical College. Being an outgoing and sociable person she always took up the lead in various events. Her amiable and benevolent nature found her an admirable platform amongst her friends which led to a long-lasting friendship right till her end on 30th December.

Jyothi was 25 when an incident changed her life.  She suffered a stroke which left her partially paralyzed. Rehabilitation therapy helped her to fight orthodox seclusion. Amongst those who were constant sources of support was her mother, which helped her in a miraculous recovery. She found ways to use her left hand, displaying varying degrees of talent in daily activities. They included wearing a saree, and writing amongst other things.

Her decision to join Andhra Medical College, Vizag, for her post-graduation left the severest critics speechless, as even able-bodied find it arduous. Her dedication to serving humanity was so strong that even her physical condition looked trivial to this cause.

In the year 1992 after completing her 3 years of rigorous clinical training, she found herself appointed as a Medical Officer in

Dr. Jyoti Deo receiving an award in a Medicine CME
Dr. Jyothi Deo receiving an award in a Medicine CME

the Vizag Steel plant. Her demanding work schedule of two shifts did not restrain her from performing her duties. She sought with time such that all her responsibility was done by the clock. Her dedication baffled her patients and colleagues.

Jyothi found herself in the middle of complete shock when she lost her mother in 1995 who was the pillar of her strength. Fighting a bolt from the blue, she gradually recovered. But just as life was rolling, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Jyothi was a fighter, she courageously fought the ailment. She was treated at AIIMS, New Delhi, wherewith the help of her brother Dr SVS Deo and his team, she went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. The treatment affected her physical health, but the fundamental aspect of life and nature made Jyothi come back to normal life.

She was advised to tone down her pace of work, but her instinct to serve humanity made her continue her job.  Even with a fragile physical state, she was mentally tenacious, and never missed an opportunity to travel around the country and spend holidays with her siblings and their families, with whom she forged loving relationships.

Dr.Jyoti Deo with her brother Dr SVS Deo and his daughters - Harshita and Ishita
Dr.Jyothi Deo with her brother Dr SVS Deo and his daughters – Harshita and Ishita

Eleven years had passed. She was again seen as the person everyone knew her as. But then in 2021, she found herself back at AIIMS with an advanced stage of lung cancer. It was a smiling fight of 9 months, making the painful cancer treatment look easy and hopeful. But despite best efforts by everyone, she did not respond to the treatments.

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She built her dream house for post-retirement. It was here that she spent her last days, between the warmth of her family and friends. A fortnight after reaching home, just 4 months prior to her 60the birthday, she breathed her last on the 30th of December, 2021.

Dr.Jyoti Deo with her brother Dr SVS Deo and sisters - Meena and Padma
Dr.Jyothi Deo with her brother Dr SVS Deo and sisters – Meena and Padma

She would be remembered as the epitome of determination with a fierce fortitude. She was the one who had a valiant spirit to overcome every tragedy in life. She was a compassionate and empathetic soul, ready to offer her helping hand or listening ears to guide and assist anyone in need.  Jyothi Deo lives on in our hearts.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones”

A tribute from family members



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