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Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition

Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition

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Aziz Hazarika of 'Batch 93' falicitating Pritika Nath with a Gamusa
Lincon Dey of 'Batch 93' handing the certificate to Pritika Nath
Rituraj Dewan of 'Batch 93' handing the regocnition amount to Pritika Nath
Sourav Roy of 'Batch 93' handing the scroll to Pritika Nath.
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This narrative captures the poignant event at South Point School, Guwahati where the ex-students of the ’93 batch come together to honor the indelible spirit of their friend, Debapratim through the esteemed ‘Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition’.

Life is created out of some confused group of chemicals who mix with each other to form existence. Existence be it in the physical form or woven within the tapestry of memories, dances in ethereal realms of being. Perhaps, it was this whisper of inspiration that kindled the event on the bright morning of 3rd June at the grounds of South Point School, Guwahati. On this day, the ex students of ’93, in harmonious alliance with South Point School, weaved an enduring tapestry of remembrance, honoring the indelible spirit of Debapratim through the esteemed ‘Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition’.

Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha
Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha

In the annals of time, Debapratim, an alumnus of South Point School from the year 1993, succumbed to the clutches of Covid-19 two years earlier. His batch mates pledged to preserve his essence, kindling his legacy through this distinguished accolade.

The recipient of the recognition was Pritika Nath, a shining beacon of accomplishment. Her footsteps graced the realm of AISSE 2022-23, the class 10 Boards orchestrated by CBSE, where she claimed victory with a resplendent triumph, securing a remarkable 96.8 percent.

But Debapratim’s reputation extended far beyond his scholarly pursuits; he embodied the essence of a prodigious and multifaceted soul. Renowned for his uncanny ability to conjure instantaneous pranks, he possessed a reservoir of talents that surpassed conventional expectations. Hence, it is abundantly clear that the parameters for bestowing this esteemed accolade were aligned with his extraordinary accomplishments.

The recipient of the award Pritika was selected basis her artistic pursuits which extends far beyond her academia. With graceful finesse, she mastered the ancient dances of Bharatnatyam, Shattriya, Rabindra Nitya, as well as contemporary expressions that unfolded like whispers on the wind. Her soul resonated like a melodic symphony, embracing various musical instruments and breathing life into the music that flowed through her fingertips, from the strings of the sitar to the ethereal notes of the flute.

A true creative gem, Pritika adorned realms of creativity with her angelic voice, her brushstrokes on canvases inspired by divine musings, and her captivating talent for creative writing. She also embraced the intellectual realm, participating in prestigious school teams for quizzes, Model United Nations, and artistic expressions of the mind. Her ventures into inter-school, national, and international competitions brought her numerous laurels and accolades, filling her alma mater with immense pride.

For the ex students of 1993 batch that day was a revelation swept through the gathered souls, awakening within them a profound awareness of an enigmatic enchantment nestled within the realm of human existence. Like ethereal wisps of smoke, it gracefully twirled and wove intricate threads, tenderly entwining their hearts and minds. South Point School nostalgia, an elusive phenomenon, unfolded its bittersweet tapestry, summoning forth both wistful smiles and sighs of longing, as memories whispered secrets only known to those who were present.

Students of Batch 93 with the recipient of 'Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition' Pritika Nath and the Principal Mr. Krishnanjan Chanda of South Point School, Guwahati
Students of Batch 93 with the recipient of ‘Dr. Debapratim Purkayastha Recognition’ Pritika Nath and the Principal Mr. Krishnanjan Chanda of South Point School, Guwahati

Amidst our conversations with the ex-students, a plethora of reactions emerged, each carrying a unique essence. Amongst them, Lincon De eloquently articulated his thoughts, stating,“Felicitation of an upcoming champ in memory of a Champ who still inspires …”.

Rituraj Diwan recalled “Debapratim once said to me that even though I have received many accolades from many great Uni, coming to Cotton for a small talk was the most special .. I know he is very happy to return to school that day ..”

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Aziz the school captain of the 93 batch said “Standing on the stage that day during the morning assembly of South Point School, I was thinking of Debapratim and as if he was there in the crowd,  couldn’t point out which one though, because he is in heaven now, so it is not possible to connect to him. Time will pass on ……but he will be in our heart forever.”

Nandini Sen shared an emotional note after the Recognition Ceremony and said, ” It seems like our friendship is immortalised today, we are committed to  this for our entire lives. May Debapratim’s life inspire Pritika to reach for the zenith.”

The event was graced by the presence of the esteemed custodian of wisdom, Mr. Krishnanjan Chanda the principal of the school who addressed the assembly and announced the details of the awards.

As the curtains gently fell on this momentous occasion, an enchanting whisper lingered in the air, carrying the promise of a rendezvous to be cherished anew in the embrace of another year.

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