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Dr. Bezbaruah 2 Reigniting the Original

Dr. Bezbaruah 2 Reigniting the Original

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The poster of the Axomiya Movie Dr. Bezbaruah 2 starring Zubeen Garg, Adil Hussian and Siddharth Nipon Goswami

Dr. Bezbaruah 2 is a sequel to the classic Axomiya thriller movie, Dr. Bezbarua, released in 1969. Read our review of Dr.Bezbaruah 2 this engaging tale of justice and redemption, which has revived the charm of the original with its magnificent cinematography, music, and splendid performances. Discover why Dr. Bezbaruah 2 is a must-watch for fans of Axomiya cinema and beyond.

By Rhituparna Chakraborty

The last Axomiya movie I watched before Dr. Bezbarua 2 was Aamis. I must say, Aamis was replete with excellent acting, skillful cinematography, and commendable direction. The movie did well and was appreciated by many. All the same, I somehow did not enjoy the movie much. Perhaps it’s the dark storyline that I did not enjoy, or perhaps I was unable to accept a storyline that showed humans craving human meat. However, the movie deserves accolades for a unique story line and of course, people who enjoy dark and sui generis storylines would certainly like this movie.

Now, coming to the movie Dr. Bezbaruah 2, Dr. Bezbaruah 2 is a sequel to the classic Axomiya movie Dr. Bezbarua. Released in 1969, Dr. Bezbarua was a thriller, making its mark as the first successful commercial movie in the Axomiya movie Industry. This classic movie had veteran actors like Nipon Goswami, Biju Phukan, Renu Saikia, Pratibha Thakur, Meghali Devi, Brajen Barua, and so on. The movie had delightful songs which are unforgettable. Singer Dwipen Barua and Nirmala Mishra put life and soul into romantic songs like, ‘Ki naam di maatim’ keeping the act of ‘flirting’ between the actors adorable. And then, ‘Jiliki Jilika Tora Aakaxore’ had those peppy beats of that era making people groove to the music.

Sometimes, when a sequel is made, it tends to lose its charm. Howbeit, Dr. Bezbaruah 2, reignited the beauty of the original movie. It was after years that I got a chance to watch an Axomiya movie in the theatre. The reason is, not many Axomiya movies are played in movie theatres outside of Assam. I am thankful and grateful to everyone who brought this movie to movie theatres outside Assam. The experience was beautiful.

Siddharth Nipon Goswami, son of late actor Nipon Goswami played his role beautifully
Siddharth Nipon Goswami

The storyline is cliché with few loose ends. Nonetheless, this movie deserves kudos and applause. Why? Well, the Axomiya Movie Industry is not colossal as of now and the budgets for Axomiya movies are also not immensely exorbitant. Despite that, this movie portrayed magnificent cinematography, ambrosial music, splendid locations, and not to forget the engaging acting skills of the actors. One of the antagonists in the character name of ‘Ranjan Goswami’ not only is very good looking but also a good actor. The super-talented actor, Adil Hussain, played the role of Dr. Bezbaruah and as always he was outstanding in his performance. Late Nipon Goswami provided immense credibility to the character of a Trustee of Dr.Bezbaruah Hospital. Siddharth Nipon Goswami portrayed very well the character of a good son raised in a well-to-do family. The female protagonist Kingkini Goswami did not have a huge role in the movie. Nonetheless, she was also wonderful in portraying her character in the movie. Amidst all these, the actor who stole the show was ‘Zubeen Garg’. His natural expressions and dialogue delivery, the depiction of the rage of a cop, the humor in his dialogues trying to thwart the stress of the character of the cop he was playing, and not to forget, his soothing voice, his magnificent music creation and the remake of the old classic songs, all of these deserve a huge round of applause and appreciation.

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Singer-Composer-Actor Zubeen Garg plays DCP Mahadev BorBhuiyan in the movie Dr. Bezbarua 2
Singer-Composer-Actor Zubeen Garg plays DCP Mahadev BorBhuiyan in the movie Dr. Bezbaruah 2

Summing it up, all I can say is, Dr. Bezbaruah 2 is my kind of movie where there is good music, good dance, humor, thrill and not to forget admirable actors. I repeat, there are some loose ends in this movie. But, I would not mind watching it again, because the movie portrayed poetic justice and a happy ending.

Also lots and lots of love to the Axomiya movie industry. Keep Shining.

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