Dipshikha Roy : Women’s Day Special

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Dipshikha Roy with Somashis Gupta at a cafe on Women's day

Dipshikha Roy is the winner of ICN Goa Super-show, held with Connect Fest India’s Largest Fitness Festival in 2022. Somashis Gupta shares the story of her journey, from being a victim of domestic violence to overcoming addiction and becoming a champion of natural fitness. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we celebrate the resilience and courage of Dipshikha Roy, the fearless girl who refused to give up.

Dipshikha Roy is a fearless girl. Why? Well let me tell you. The year 2013 was made memorable by events of great concern. I find them recorded in my notes under the heading ‘The fearless girl’. I still retain an almost verbatim report of the occurrences. So I thought, what could be better then sharing this girl’s story on the occasion of  women’s day.

It was a blazing hot day of April. I was at the Durgapur police station filing a missing mobile report. As I waited my turn, I saw a young girl, hardly 14, exuded a confidence that belied her age. The Inspector who was to retire soon showed no interest to take up her case. He tried to convince her to go back home in Asansol. I was curious and started following the conversation.

I found her name is Dipshikha Roy. As the conversation continued, it became clear that Dipshikha had been a victim. A victim of domestic violence since early childhood. Additionally, she had been abused as a child by her mother’s friend. Despite the traumas she had faced, Dipshikha had not given up her spirit. Little Dipshikha faced all with great courage. But now, she informed the inspector that her mother is forcing her to get married. So, she is left with no other options then to come to the police to get her voice heard.

It was only after the intervention of the Mayor and his wife and a lady named Sumita Sarkar, that the inspector took up her case seriously. Eventually, an agreement was reached. Dipshikha would no longer stay with her parents. Dipshikha would be allowed to stay in a hostel and peruse her studies. She would be paid a sum of seven thousand rupees every month.  Dipshikha started a new life in Durgapur.

Durgapur came as a new hope for young Dipshikha who was 16 by now. She joined a modeling and acting school. For the first time in a long time, she felt like she had a chance at a brighter future. However, her happiness was short-lived. One day, when she returned to her apartment, she found the door unlocked and saw a man inside. It turned out to be the boy her parents had arranged for her to marry. Dipshikha fled in fear.

With nowhere to go and no money left, Dipshikha found herself sleeping on the streets at times. However, she refused to give up. One day, fate intervened when she met a man named Satadru Sen (Neal) , and the two immediately bonded. In no time the couple became soul mates. Neal supported Dipshikha in any way he could.

Dipshikha at the photoshoot
Dipshikha doing a photoshoot

Soon Dipshikha did some modeling assignments, which helped her to survive.  However, the prolonged mental stress of her childhood trauma and recent experiences had a lasting impact on Dipshikha, and she became addicted to drugs. Finally, Dipshikha realized she needed help and was admitted to a rehabilitation center, where she spent around two years.

Despite this setback, she refused to give up on her dreams. After being released from the rehabilitation center, she continued her modeling and gradually became extremely popular in Intagram. She started focusing on her fitness under the guidance of Ajay Sarkar Fitness Mentor & Lifestyle Coach. Soon, she was ready to participate in the ICN Goa Super-show, held with Connect Fest India’s Largest Fitness Festival in 2022. She emerged victorious. I met Dipshikha again recently in a coffee shop in Calcutta. Today, she promotes natural fitness and a healthy lifestyle, becoming an inspiration to many.

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Dipshikha Roy at the compitetion
Dipshikha Roy at the ICN Goa Super-show, held with Connect Fest India’s Largest Fitness Festival in 2022

Dipshikha Roy’s story is a testament to the strength and resilience of women, even in the face of adversity. She faced numerous challenges, including domestic violence, forced marriage, and addiction, but never gave up. Instead, she persevered and sought help when she needed it, eventually achieving success in the field of fitness. Her story serves as a reminder that women can overcome even the toughest obstacles through determination and perseverance.

On this Women’s Day, I salute this fearless girl Dipshikha Roy, who inspire us to keep fighting for our dreams no matter how difficult the road may be. May her story inspire women everywhere to stand up against injustice and never give up on themselves.


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