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Compost Carnival on Earth Day

Compost Carnival on Earth Day

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Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots - An Earth Day Event

We share “Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots!” an event held in Kolkata on April 22nd, on 54th anniversary of Earth Day. This article highlights the event’s focus on sustainability, composting, and environmental stewardship, showcasing the participation of various organizations and notable personalities.

As the world commemorated the 54th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, Kolkata witnessed a remarkable event dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The “Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots!” held at Golden Tulip, Kolkata, brought together a consortium of organizations committed to fostering a greener future. Hosted by The Mamta Sumit Binani Foundation, Home for You, Yi of CII, Emami Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Maheshwari International Business Foundation, Eyantram, and Sew In Style, along with MSME Adda, the carnival served as a platform for education, inspiration, and action.

The event’s centerpiece was its hands-on composting session, which drew participants of all ages eager to learn about composting techniques and waste reduction strategies. Composting, as emphasized during the event, is not a novel concept but a natural process deeply ingrained in the ecosystem. Similar to how leaves decompose in forests, composting transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich soil, fostering the cycle of life.

Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots event

Among the distinguished attendees were CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani, President of MSME Development Forum WB Chapter; Ms. Shital Bavishi, Founder of Beejum and an eminent environmental activist; Baibhav Agarwal, Chairperson of Yi of CII; Richa Agarwal, Chairperson of Emami Kolkata Centre for Creativity; Bishnu Lohia, MD of Eyantram Waste Management Company; Rajani Kedia Ghosh, Promoter Director of Sew In Style; Prashant Maheshwari, President of Maheshwari International Business Foundation; Ashish Mittal, Director of Golden Tulip Hotel, and several other notable personalities.

Reflecting on the significance of composting, CS (Dr.) Mamta Binani underscored its role in environmental sustainability, stating, “Composting is an easy art, a natural process of recycling organic matter into a valuable fertilizer that enriches the soil. Today, as landfill space becomes scarce and expensive, composting emerges as a viable solution, turning organic waste into a valuable resource.”

Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots

Echoing these sentiments, Mr. Baibhav Agarwal emphasized the community-centric nature of the event, remarking, “The compost carnival brought together the community to celebrate sustainable practices and promote composting as a way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil.”

The Compost Carnival wasn’t merely informative but also engaging, offering participants a blend of education and entertainment. Through interactive workshops and activities, attendees were empowered to incorporate composting into their daily lives, contributing to a more sustainable future for Kolkata and beyond.

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Compost Carnival: Waste Not, Compost Lots event going on

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, initiatives like the Compost Carnival serve as beacons of hope, illustrating the power of collective action and community engagement in addressing pressing issues. As Kolkata continues its journey towards sustainability, events like these pave the way for a greener, healthier tomorrow.

In essence, the Compost Carnival wasn’t just a one-day event; it symbolized Kolkata’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and its determination to build a more resilient, eco-conscious society. With each compost heap turned and each waste pile reduced, the city takes a step closer to realizing its vision of a sustainable future, one compost lot at a time.

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