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Christmas Cake Chronicles: Aparajita’s Magic

Christmas Cake Chronicles: Aparajita’s Magic

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As Santa wraps up his last-minute gift packing for the festive season, let us take you on a journey through time and taste buds with a tale of a 16th-century English delicacy, the Christmas Cake  that undergoes a delightful transformation in the heart of Calcutta. Join us in exploring the narrative of Aparajita’s Cake, a delectable twist on tradition in the City of Joy.

A Taste of Tradition: The Evolution of Christmas Cake

The Christmas cake, rooted in English history, initially started as plum porridge consumed on Christmas Eve to line stomachs after a day of fasting. Over time, dried fruit, spices, and honey were incorporated, evolving the dish into Christmas pudding. In the 16th century, the recipe further transformed with the removal of oatmeal and the addition of butter, wheat flour, and eggs.

Scotland, with its own take on the Christmas cake, boasts the Whisky Dundee – a light, crumbly cake made with currants, raisins, cherries, and Scotch whisky. Meanwhile, other variations include the apple creme cake and the mincemeat cake, each with its unique blend of flavors.

Calcutta’s Unique Christmas Cake: Boro Diner Cake

In Calcutta, affectionately known as the City of Joy, Christmas cake, or “Boro Diner Cake” as it’s colloquially called, holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Iconic establishments like Nahoum (1902), Flurys (1927), and Bow Barracks J N Barua have been serving delightful versions for generations. Today, even local neighborhood grocers seize the opportunity to offer their array of cakes during the festive season.

Yet, amidst this rich tapestry of Christmas cake traditions, one woman stands out for her unique contribution – Aparajita Datta Gupta.

Cakes by Aparajita

Aparajita’s Journey: From Passion to Profession

Growing up in the northeastern town of Silchar, Aparajita’s fascination with cakes began early. Gifted an oven by her father during her childhood, Aparajita experimented tirelessly until she created something truly awe-inspiring. Her passion for cakes led her to complete a course at the Institute of Baking and Cake Art (IBCA) in Bangalore, further honing her skills.

In 2012, Aparajita moved to Calcutta with her husband, where she found a new perspective for her cake-making passion. Initially catering to orders from various sources, her talent soon gained recognition across the city, reaching its peak during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Encouraged by her family, Aparajita took a bold step and opened her outlet, “Cakes by Aparajita,” in the Rajpur area of South Calcutta. Speaking to East India Story, she generously shared her recipe, inviting readers to savor the unique blend of tradition and innovation in every bite of her Makha Sondesh Cake – a must-try dessert this Christmas.

Aparajita’s Makha Sondesh Cake: A Unique Fusion

Aparajita’s Makha Sondesh Cake is a testament to her creativity and love for blending tradition with innovation. Inspired by the Christmas spirit of the city and the Bengali fondness for sweets, this unique dessert promises a symphony of flavors that captivate the taste buds.

For those eager to experience the magic themselves, Aparajita’s outlet, “Cakes by Aparajita,” is located at 116 Dwarir Road, Chowhati Bottalla Bazar, Rajpur Shonarpur, Kolkata 700151, welcomes you to savor the festive delights. Alternatively, you can place your orders for this Christmas at 9674235898 to experience this marvel that combines history, tradition, and a touch of Calcuttan magic.

As we embrace the holiday season, let Aparajita’s Cake be a reminder that some traditions are meant to be savored, reinvented, and shared with joy.

Maakha Sandesh Pastry Recipe 


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Sugar -1cup
Butter – 50g
Baking Powder 1&1/2tsp
Vanilla Essence
For filling
Maakha Sandesh-300g
Whipped cream 1/2cup


For sponge

Melt the butter with the milk and let it cool.
In a bowl with the hand mixer mix the eggs till the colour becomes light add the sugar beat further when it becomes little frothy then add the dry ingredients mix it again add vanilla essence then add the milk.
Pour in tin and bake it in a preheated oven for 28 mins at 180 degree.
Before taking out just insert a stick in centre if comes out clean then it’s done.
Take out of the oven and let it cool completely.


To make the layer slice the cake base in two parts ,sprinkle simple syrup and spread the Maakha Sandesh mixture with little bit of whipped cream.
Then put the upper portion of the cake again sprinkle simple syrup and then spread the mixture evenly and decorate according to your choice.
Let it set in the refrigerator for a while then take out and cut the pastry slices.

And here’s the video for our readers….


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