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Choloman Oshoriri – The Dark Shadows of Materialism

Choloman Oshoriri – The Dark Shadows of Materialism

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Choloman Oshoriri

Dive into the profound exploration of human psyche and the consequences of materialism in Third Eye Theatre’s latest production, “Choloman Oshoriri.” Directed by Shubho Banerjee and featuring stellar performances by Jitaditya Roy and Dibyo Basu, the play unravels the moral complexities of material attachment, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey through the treacherous depths of unchecked greed.

In a riveting return, Third Eye Theatre presented its latest production, “Choloman Oshoriri,” a play that masterfully explores the depths of the human psyche and exposes the dark underbelly of materialism. Directed by the renowned Shubho Banerjee and featuring stellar performances by Jitaditya Roy and Dibyo Basu, the play takes the audience on a captivating journey through the moral complexities of material attachment.

Plot and Characters:

The plot revolves around Dr. Mriganko Nandi, portrayed by the talented Jitaditya Roy, and Ashim, the ghost played by Dibyo Basu. Supported by a cast of well-known actors from Dubai‘s vibrant theatre scene, the play unfolds in unexpected ways, revealing the subtle temptations that can lead individuals down a treacherous path. The characters’ relentless pursuit of wealth becomes a powerful lens through which the audience is compelled to reflect on the moral maze of materialism.

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Outstanding Performances:

Special commendation is due to the two lead actors, Jitaditya Roy and Dibyo Basu, whose portrayal of the unyielding friendship between Dr. Mriganko and Ashim is nothing short of exceptional. The chemistry between them is palpable, making their interactions on stage feel fresh, natural, and emotionally charged. The metamorphosis of relationships, depicted metaphorically, is skillfully enacted by the entire cast, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Choloman Oshiriri characters

Themes Explored:

“Choloman Oshoriri” serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of unchecked greed and the erosion of humanity in the relentless pursuit of wealth. The play invites the audience to engage in a soul-searching experience, prompting them to reflect on their own relationship with material possessions and the potential pitfalls of succumbing to the sinister allure of materialism.

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Venue and Audience Reception:

The production was staged at the Zabeel Ladies Club auditorium in Dubai, providing a fitting backdrop for the exploration of profound themes. The audience was visibly moved by the exceptional delivery of the play, and it is poised to linger in their memories for times to come. Sohini Sengupta expressed her best wishes for the initiative, highlighting the impact it has made, while Siddhartha Chatterjee expressed a desire for the play to reach Kolkata, underscoring its universal appeal.

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“Choloman Oshoriri” stands as a testament to Third Eye Theatre’s commitment to thought-provoking and impactful storytelling. With its exploration of the dark truths surrounding materialism, exceptional performances, and symbolic portrayal of changing relationships, the play has left an indelible mark on the Dubai theatre scene. As the curtains fall on this gripping production, the echoes of its powerful narrative and compelling performances will undoubtedly resonate in the minds and hearts of the audience for a long time to come.

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