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Chiradip & His Harmonious Journey

Chiradip & His Harmonious Journey

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Explore the musical odyssey of Chiradip, mentored by Pandit Tarun Bhattacharyya, as he creates a lyrical masterpiece. Together with talented singer Jamuna Kumari Damai, they weave a tale of love, tragedy, and melancholy through their heartfelt composition “Yaadein.”

In the footsteps of his revered mentor, the musical prodigy Pandit Tarun Bhattacharyya, Chiradip nurtured an intimate dream to embark upon the realms of musical direction, composition, and arrangements, birthing a lyrical opus of his own creation. After captivating audiences across numerous nations as a santoor virtuoso and immersing himself in a vast sea of melodies, Chiradip embraced an audacious endeavor—to craft a complete song, its composition, lyrics, and arrangements, an entirely novel experience for him.

With lyrics resonating a poignant melancholy and a melody that stirs the soul, the immensely gifted singer Jamuna Kumari Damai breathed life into the creation. Both Chiradip and Jamuna, despite the demands of their respective professions, immersed themselves in the pursuit of music with unwavering dedication, making it the cornerstone of each new day.

Chiradip Sarkar and Jamuna Kumari Damai
Chirodip with Jamuna

The song “Yaadein” emerges as a true ode to love, adorned with notes of tragedy, loss, and sorrow. Chiradip, in addition to employing classical instruments like the flute, santoor, violin, and tabla, ventured into uncharted territories for the music arrangement. This composition brought together a constellation of eminent musicians—Soumyajyoti Ghosh on flute, Indradeep Ghosh on violin, Tuhin Karmakar on tabla, Avik Ganguly on piano and programming, along with Chiradip and Avik Ganguly themselves for the arrangements, with Chiradip also showcasing his skills on the santoor.


Sanjoy Ghosh from Studio Resonance in Kolkata meticulously oversaw the sound mixing and mastering of the song, which was recently unveiled in the presence of the esteemed Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, as well as accomplished composers like Debojyoti Mishra and Joy Sarkar. Chiradip and Jamuna expressed their gratitude, stating, “We are truly blessed that such musical geniuses have appreciated our music and graced our release event.”

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With the praise and appreciation from such musical luminaries, Chiradip and Jamuna are humbled and grateful. Their creative collaboration has not only birthed a remarkable piece of music but has also set them on a path of artistic fulfillment and recognition. As they continue to embark on this musical odyssey, we eagerly await their future endeavors and the heartfelt melodies they will grace us with.


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