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Born 2 Dance – India’s Grandest Dance Championship

Born 2 Dance – India’s Grandest Dance Championship

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We published the announcement for ‘Born 2 Dance’ on the 12th of August. This article delves into the electrifying grand finale of “Born 2 Dance – Dancer’s Paradise” in Kolkata, where dance enthusiasts of all ages showcased their extraordinary talent. Renowned judges, including Terence Lewis, Bollywood choreographer, witnessed the rise of new dance stars. Discover the winners, the vision behind the competition, and its impact on the Indian dance scene.

India’s dance enthusiasts were in for a treat as the grand finale of “Born 2 Dance – Dancer’s Paradise” unfolded with a burst of energy and talent at the Dhono Dhanyo Auditorium in Kolkata. This unique dance championship marked a significant departure from conventional competitions, setting the stage for a dazzling display of dance artistry from participants of all ages. The event was graced by esteemed judges Terence Lewis, Bollywood choreographer, along with Saurabh Bangani and Vivek Jaiswal, both of DID (Dance India Dance) fame. The evening was also attended by notable personalities, including Trina Saha, Neel Bhattacharya, Kamlesh Patel, and RJ Praveen.

Saurabh and Vivek, renowned for their exceptional dance skills and recognition from various reality shows, expressed their excitement about the championship. They noted the rigorous journey that led to the selection of the champion of champions, who was awarded a scintillating trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. Having been through the demanding rigors of reality TV themselves, they recognized the challenges faced by aspiring dancers and aimed to create a platform that could nurture raw talent. Born 2 Dance was conceived with the vision of providing aspiring dancers from across the world the opportunity to be groomed and trained by the best in the industry, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for a future in reality shows. The event attracted an impressive participation of over 5000 individuals, reflecting the widespread enthusiasm for dance in India.

Terence Lewis, the renowned Bollywood choreographer, commended the founders of Born 2 Dance, Saurabh and Vivek, who had once been finalists on DID Doubles. He acknowledged the championship’s pivotal role in identifying and nurturing exceptional dance talents, offering them a head start in their professional careers. Born 2 Dance, according to Lewis, aimed not only to identify future dance experts but also to provide them with the opportunity to perform before leading figures in the industry, thereby elevating the standard of dance in the country.

The grand finale of Born 2 Dance – Dancer’s Paradise showcased an array of exceptional talents across various categories. The winners of the grand finale are as follows:

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  1. Champion of Champions (Duet): YogiHimu
  2. SOLO A (3 years to 8 years):
    • 1st Place: Sayan Dyuti Bhowmick
    • 2nd Place: Aashi Harish Punikar
    • 3rd Place: Pahel Thakkar
  3. SOLO B (9 years to 15 years):
    • 1st Place: Baldev Singh
    • 2nd Place: Soumyajit Pal
    • 3rd Place: Subhangee Das
  4. SOLO C (16 years onwards):
    • 1st Place: Sushant Singh
    • 2nd Place: Subhashish Mullick
    • 3rd Place (Tie): Bhushan Tandekar and Souvik Mondal
  5. DUET (No Age Limit):
    • 1st Place: YogiHimu
    • 2nd Place: Amazing buddies (Satyam & Simran)
    • 3rd Place: Kuntal & Bhaskar
  6. GROUP (Minimum 3):
    • 1st Place: The Flow India
    • 2nd Place: The Dark Dynasty
    • 3rd Place (Tie): UD gang and Astraa Dance & Fitness Center
    • 1st Place: Kaberi Roy
    • 2nd Place: Mun Mun Roy
    • 3rd Place: Nisha Upadhyay

The Born 2 Dance championship not only celebrated the extraordinary talents of the winners but also highlighted the diversity and inclusivity of dance in India. With its innovative format and esteemed judges, it has undoubtedly set a new standard for dance competitions in the country. As the dance community continues to thrive and evolve, events like Born 2 Dance provide a significant platform for aspiring dancers to shine and make their mark on the world of dance.

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