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Banker with a Brush, Joy Kar – Part 1

Banker with a Brush, Joy Kar – Part 1

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When Somashis Gupta visited Lee Road to meet his friend he was completely unaware of what was in store for him. Find out, in this story, how he met the ex-banker Joy Kar, in a completely different platform where he was mesmerized by Mr. Kar’s creations with charcoals.

I often roam around the city, exploring places, meeting complete strangers, finding inspiration for my writings. I am wont to arise early specially during winters to do this. Summers however, I am mostly hunkered back home, avoiding any exterior visits even for grocery shopping. Thanks to online shopping.

That day however, it was somewhat obligatory for me to go out. I had to meet Indrani. She called me for something important, well at least that is what she said. I could not refuse as her charming beauty embalms any scorching sun. So there I was for the rendezvous at Lee road, waiting. I was restless, restless because the heat was unbearable. But then I went into a complete oblivion. Why? Well I saw this…

Joy Kar's art exhiiton poster
Joy Kar’s art exhiiton poster

Stepping inside I found an ensemble lay out. Each pictures had a story to tell. I was especially enchanted with the depth of the concepts. I was so mesmerized that I almost forgot about Indrani. I picked up my phone and called her up. She answered by saying “you have reached the right place”.

I was confused, “What destination?” I said as I turned around, and as I did that I saw her standing right behind me “So is this the reason you wanted to meet?” I asked her.

“Yes” she said “I knew you would be interested in this exhibition

“I am glad you thought that way” I said while admiring the sketches “these are truly impressive”

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“I wonder who made them” I said “I think I saw the artist name as Joy Kar” and as I looked at her I saw her pointing her fingers towards a corner. A man was standing who looked familiar. “wait a minute… it… this….” and reacted with sheer ecstatic


To be continued…

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