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Badalti Duniya – A Must Visit Occasion

Badalti Duniya – A Must Visit Occasion

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Children performing on the act "Badalti Duniya"

Badalti Duniya is a program that will be performed by Genius Kids School and Underprivileged Kids at Madhusudan Mancha on 19th March at 9:30 AM. This story is a fictional conversation on the factual program.

“Do you know about Badalti Duniya?”


“Well, what are you doing this Sunday?”

“Sunday? The usual will go to the market, get some mutton…”

“Wait, wait, don’t do all that..”

“Aray, but why?”

“Come to my house by 8:30, we will take a taxi and go to Modhusudhan Mancha”

“Madhusudhan Mancha? But why?”

Aray baba, we must go and see badalti dunia”

“Badalti Dunia? What do you mean”

“It is the annual concert by Genius Kids. It is called ‘Badalti Duniya, Yeh Bhi Apni Hi Hai’ and it is in aid of education care of underprivileged children”

“Sounds interesting, so what is it all about?”

“The theme of the concert “Badalti Duniya, Yeh Bhi Apni Hi Hai” shall be presented by tiny toddlers and children between the age group of 3-7 years comprising kids from Genius Kids school and Underprivileged Kids. The concert resonates around the ground reality and the very impact caused in every individual’s life, especially kids and their acceptance to a new world, new existence and the new opportunities for the future due to the impact of COVID pandemic.”

Kids performing

“Okay, I am glad you told me…”

“Not only that, but they would also be felicitating awards to Eminent Social workers / Personalities, educators, Covid Warriors, Doctors, NGOs, Individuals, and Philanthropist who have contributed immensely during the pandemic.”

“Sounds a noble cause, what time it starts?”

“See the message I received..”

Genius Kids presents its Annual concert “Badalti Duniya, Yeh Bhi Apni Hi Hai” – The Little Genius Show & Social Impact Awards 2023, on 19th March at Madhusudan Mancha (Beside dakshinapan, dhakuria), Time: 9.30 am onwards.

Genius school kids along with underpreviledge kids performing at "Badalti Duniya"

“Okay, so the performers are all children?”

“Yes, the objective is to bring all like-minded people, organizations, and business houses under one umbrella to strengthen the various facets in developing Human Values & ethics towards our social commitment and to Change the World for the less fortunate.”

“Ah now I remember I heard Vikash Kumar Singh, the other day saying something”

Who is he?”

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“He is the Managing Trustee, Sai Shikha Charitable Trust. He is also the Founder and CEO, Genius Kids India & Managing Director, Annex Group of Institutions.”

“Oh! So what did he say?”

“Let me see I think I have it recorded, wait….. ah! Here it is …”

The purpose of this event is two-fold; one to create a platform to jointly showcase the talents of the less fortunate tiny toddlers along with the fortunate ones from Genius Kids India and to support the aforesaid social impact activity.” said Vikash Kumar Singh, Managing Trustee, Sai Shikha Charitable Trust besides 

Founder CEO, Genius Kids India & Managing Director, Annex Group of Institutions.” He added, “To achieve this end, Sai Shikha Charitable Trust, registered under section 80 G and 12 AA Government of India is taking the lead role and the team is working extensively on ground reality to identify such kids who have suffered irreparable loss during covid and to extend them support in every possible way w.r.t their education.

“There is more to it I heard the occasion would be graced by the august presence of Smt Alakananda Roy, Bickram Ghosh, Jaya Seal Ghosh, Biplab Roy, Suman Sood, Raj Chakraborty, Debjani Mookherjee, Rahul Todi, Manoj Khemka and so on.”

“Done deal buddy, I will see you at 8:30”

Well, these two friends are going, what about you?




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