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Back From Heaven

Back From Heaven

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back from death

We share this true story of Mr.Tarun Sharma on his near death experience. When we spoke to him he said it is a blessing from God which keeps him alive today

Tarun Sharma is the Editor-In-Chief for a renowned web magazine ‘’. He is known to Sid Ghosh for a long time. One afternoon when Tarun and Sid met, the usual discussion ended up reveling one of the strangest incident which almost took Tarun life. We share this true incident as narrated by Tarun himself.

I was an audience to a program in national geographic yesterday. It was on ‘Near Death Experience’. An interesting program indeed, but to me it was rather daunting. I quickly moved myself in refuge to the Idol on my wall and chanted my prayers. No don’t think I am a craven, I was hopelessly scared recalling my own experience in 2004 to the same phenomenon.

This incident was confined to me and my wife all these years. I preferred not to share it with the world, assuming it would be perceived as a crafted story. But today as I see the environment filled with uncertainty and negative mindset, I discounted my assumption, and sharing it for the first time with the world as my contribution to bring in positivity and believe.

I remember it was the time when we were in the family way. Soon we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Being a father is as proud, as being more responsible as well. I decided to change my job for a enhanced income. Income did increase so did the workload. I remember that dreadful day, when I went out on a sales call with my superior. The day, was swelteringly hot, I fetched a pet bottle of Lime and Lemony Limca. The day progressed so did my appetite.

I reached home with an anticipation of a good home cooked healthy meal. However fate had its own way. I developed severe stomach cramps. Hoping defecation would help I went to the washroom. The process continued for at least 12 times. I realized the severity as even drops of water found its way within minutes of consumption.

Seeing no improvement the next morning, I decided to go to the hospital. I managed to ride my scooter somehow in spite of the terrible pain. My wife did the admission procedure while I was put on fluids immediately. Antibiotics were added for treatment but no change. The doctor realized a serious infection and advised a stool test.

I saw my wife waiting frantically outside awaiting the report. As the reports came I saw my wife weeping. I tried to call her with hand gesture. She came in I asked what does the report say. She said “no worries, you will be fine”, but I could feel she wiped her tears before she came in. I wanted to tell ask her ‘am I going to die’, but said “don’t worry I will be fine, keep the faith and pray”

Finding she was a bit stable now I asked “What does the reports say?”

Her answer terrified me inside. She said “You have contracted Cholera, and they will admit me in an isolated ward.”

Soon I found a team of 7 masked doctors approach me. They assured me that I will be fine, but I knew my time has come. The only hope I had was in God. I prayed “God I am still young and I have loads of responsibilities on my shoulders. I have a retired father and my mother. My wife is too young, and my son is just a one year old. So please don’t call me so early” This was the last thing I remember before I went into an oblivion, perhaps a result of medicines.

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Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma

In such a state, I could see myself in bed with drips on my hands and oxygen mask on my face. I felt my heavy breath, which were perhaps were my last ones. I could see all these and suddenly an utter darkness surrounded me. I started moving somewhere unknown. I prayed for the wellbeing of my family, I wept within praying for my little son, my father mother and wife to give them strength to cope up. I was moving in darkness like somebody is holding my hand and taking me somewhere. I realized I am dead. But suddenly a white light approached me, my left hand was released from its unknown hold I could hear “Go, go back, you are given a second chance”

I could hear someone chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. I opened my eyes and saw my father-in-law by my side chanting the mantra with closed eyes. I kept thinking about the eternal power, the eternal white light which gave me a second chance. I realized I am alive. I knew I will be fine now. The doctors visited me the next morning. They checked my health and declared I am out of danger. As this condition was one of its kind, the doctors did a case study on it.

One might come up with various scientific explanations to this case, but to me it will always remain a miracle, a blessing and perhaps a reward for some noble deeds of mine, for which God gave me a second chance. Hence I would also urge all to practice acts of random kindness and make the world a better place. Remember God is watching us from a distance.

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