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Babita Patra and Her Art of Nari Shakti

Babita Patra and Her Art of Nari Shakti

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Artist Babita Patra posing with her paintings

Sid Ghosh shares the story of Babita Patra, an artist who followed her passion for art and focused on the theme of Nari Shakti in her paintings. Her work has been showcased in various exhibitions and private collections in India and abroad.

As we grow up we are trained in various subjects. Right from our childhood we are told that we need to study hard to be successful. We need to score good marks to secure our future. Gradually with time we get our call and gravitate toward what truly ignites us. But seldom do we find the courage to follow our passion. For the women in our society, it is even more difficult. But not for Babita Patra whose story I narrate to you this Women’s day.

Born in Odisha she was drawn towards art at an early age. Like every other household in the state, her family too decorated their home with Alpona. Young Babita was always excited to join her elder sister in the act. The turning point was when she was in her 7th standard. She came across a picture of Guru Nanak and sketched out a fabulous copy of it. Receiving great appreciation, she had her first thought to become an artist.

Babita with her friends from her college days
Babita with her friends from her college days

In a few years, Babita turned 18, an age to decide on a carrier path. She wanted to become an artist. After some inquiry, she joined Utkal University for her BFA. She continued her Masters from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh. It was during this time she met her husband Sajal Patra another great artist. Since that day both have been inspiring and motivating each other in the field of art.

Babita, her Artist husband Sajal and their "Srishti" -A perfect family
Babita, her Artist husband Sajal and their “Srishti” -A perfect family

After her academics, Babita moved to Delhi where she worked as an Art teacher for schools. Soon the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter. They named her Srishti. As Srishti grew up so did Babita’s responsibility as a mother. In between her job as a teacher and her household duties somewhere, her powers to set one free and propel you into infinity disappeared. Yet she continued displaying her true ‘Nari Shakti’.

There came a time when the artist Babita, went into non-creative limbo. Pause a moment and think how difficult it was for an artist. She realized that she truly finds her unique fulfillment in her core gift, which is Art.  She quit her job and devoted her time to art. She started painting again. She started working on the topic of Nari Shakti based on modern and tribal art. In fact, all her paintings revolve around Goddess Durga who is one of the biggest examples of Nari Shakti. The Shakti of creation. Her paintings display mother nature as well the the human mother in some form or other, thus showing her emmense love for nature and also her mother nature.

the artwork

Babita's painting 2

Babita's Painting 3

Today her paintings find a place at Lalit Kala Academy. Besides several private collections in not only India but countries like Germany, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. She participated in exhibitions at the Odisha State Lalit Kala Exhibition, a summer show by Working Artist Association and Kala Mela New Delhi. She has also been a part of several group shows such as the Trio show at Indo-German Club in 1992, Rourkela, and Beyond the Shore in 1995 at New Delhi. She was also a part of the group show at Rashtrapati Bhawan on the occasion of Independence Day, 2007. These are just to name a few.

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Babita Patra at the recent "National Women Artist Camp" at Konark, Odisha
Babita Patra at the recent “National Women Artist Camp” at Konark, Odisha

But this Artist isn’t stopping there – she is committed to constant and never-ending improvement and understands the power of the true Nari Shakti. Perhaps that is why they say ‘Women, they can.

Babita with her paintings at an exhibition at Lokyata Gallery, New Delhi
Babita with her paintings at an exhibition at Lokyata Gallery, New Delhi




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