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A Tale of the Train

A Tale of the Train

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people waiting for the train in the paltform of a railway station
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An attempt by Rishita to understand other’s point of view through her lenses.

It is often said that we should put ourselves in another person’s shoe in order to understand their point of view. But I like my shoes, why should I change it anyway. So I used the best alternative, my camera. Where? Well at the remarkable Railway stations of the country.

A man trying to board a train
The First Step
A group of friends going towards the train
Friend Request
A Pipe attached to a tap
The Drops

I saw the man taking his first step, and the man who was speaking to the unknown, I saw the milieu and the group using tinder. I also found the buttress so strong, which often leads to face-off. A friend request which comes while walking can only be enjoyed with some drops of water.

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