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Where the Birds Meet…

Where the Birds Meet…

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Amit Kumar was fascinated by the birds which strolled around the wetlands. He shares his feeling with these clicks, and Somashis weaved it with words for our readers

That Sunday was something like this….

It was a Sunday when I found

A reason to go around

As I heard some sound

In the wetland beyond the mound

I saw the blue, and the yellow

The white and the gray

They fascinated me by their mellow

As I saw them with each passing ray

Siberian Stonechat

A Siberian Stone-chat flew across

Which gave me some thoughts

To click a picture

Of the creature

Asian Openbill

It was then that an Asian Open-bill appeared

That too I clicked and then cheered

I looked at her and said

You are truly a beauty and my day is made

Grey Heron

Next I saw a Gray Heron

Who walked like the baron

Possibly looking for it’s pray

In the grass which was gray

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Common Sandpiper

Then I saw a Common Sand Piper

And I held my camera higher

Clicked the picture of the bird

I was speechless, without a word.


The Peacock blue was glorious

When I clicked he was quite curious

This is how the day came to an end

As I walked back home across the land.


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