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A Story of Laughter- Café Ohana

A Story of Laughter- Café Ohana

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Two young lovers missed out their dates for 3 consecutive days. Arobindo was extremely annoyed, but Ria had her own imputes. Find out in Ria’s story of laughter at Café Ohana.

“Hello Babu” Ria rushed to give Arobindo a tight hug.

“Stop it” replied an annoyed Arobindo.

“Oh! Come on don’t be so angry” Ria tried to lighten the matter as she could not meet Arobindo for three days “did you have breakfast?” she asked.

“Oh! Now you ask?” Arobindo seemed angrier.

“Try to laugh” Ria expressed “it is the best medicine”

“Such a cliché” Arobindo seemed uninterested “I find it these laughing clubs rather obscure.”

“Of course it is” Ria agreed “but what I am referring to is not the laughing clubs, try visiting Café Ohana”

“Café Ohana? Where and why?” Arobindo was confused

“Well as you know our city, Calcutta,” Ria said “is known for its creative arts and artistic renditions” both were conoscere of art.

“Hmm, I know that, but how is that related to your Café” Arobindo continued “and more importantly why were you missing for the last two days?”

“Let me explain, you see the cafés of our city has evolved these days” Ria explained “it is no longer just a place to enjoy the best platters and beverages, but also a hub of music, comedy and other art performances”

“So this place is one of them?” Arobondo asked.

“Yes, right you are” Ria confirmed “it is a cute and comfy café at New Bikramgarh where I was this 17th

“Oh! So that is why you missed out our date?” An annoyed Arobindo expressed.

“I am really sorry” Ria was regretful “but you know I really wanted to be there”

“Okay, okay” Arobindo absolved “so what is so great about the place?”

“Well, I had a real fun filled weekend” Ria said “you know, the owner, Aparsi Das, she just loves comedy and music” Ria continued “so she designed the café in a way to present interesting art performances.”

“Who all were performing?”

“They are called Happy Fools, a newly formed comedy circle, by Shweta Dey” Ria informed “they presented their first show in Café Ohana named ‘Comedy Faceoff’, which was a battle of wits and punch-lines.”

Poster of the performance

“Who all performed?”

“There was Anyaman Majumdar, Abhinav Tewary, Surya and Rohit Mishra.”

“And what happened on the 18th? If I may ask your ladyship?” asked Arobindo.

“On 18th, they organized an open mic” Ria informed “it was hosted by Sunil Kumar Mandal, with young and experienced city comics who presented their funny sets to the audience”

“And who were these comics?” Now Arobindo looked interested.

“The mic presented acts by Sonal, Jayati, Vishal, Arvind, Vinayak and Shweta” Ria enlightened.

the performers

“Was it a full house?” asked Arobindo

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“Trust me, it was chock-full” Ria said “and the audience loved the performance”

“Okay now I understand about Sunday” Arobindo said “after these two charming days you must have been too tired on Sunday to meet me.”

A few more performers

“On the contrary” Ria interrupted “Sunday was a musical evening at this place featuring busking artist Anik”

“Oh! So what did he sing?” Arobindo himself is a guitar player and enjoys good music.

Anik“He sang some of the popular Bengali numbers on public demand such as ‘Ekhon onek raat’, ‘Bojhena shey bojhena’, ‘Shey prothom prem amar nilanjana’ along with some of his originals.”

“Sounds so good” Arobindo was excited now “why didn’t you tell me, I could have joined you?”

“Yes, I know but I wanted to check it out before inviting you” Ria explained.

“Hmm, you always think I am fussy” Arobindo winked.

“But no worries, the July stand-up comedy open mic dates at Café Ohana are 9th and 23rd July. There will be other interesting programs too in the line-up” Ria consoled.

“Count me in”

Arobindo and Ria will be visiting Café Ohana shortly, will you?

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