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Under peviledged children

The author found interest in a discussion by a group of strangers at a tea shop. He joined the discussion and finally ended up talking about YFR (Youth For Revolution). In this story he narrates the incident.

By Lohith

And this is how I ended up writing this narrative…

It was a normal busy day in the office, I took a break and went for some tea at the shop near the Konanakunte metro. It was here that I found a mandem discussing a movie which found my immediate interest. Finally, I approached the man who seemed to be the center of the discussion and asked “Who is Ritwik Ghatak?”

“He is one of the greatest Bengali filmmakers who created several brilliant movies” he replied.

“I see, and what is the movie you all are talking about some bari…

“It is Bari theke Paliye based on Shibram Chakraborty’s story with the same title” informed the man

“The film talks about a young child, isn’t it?” I enquired, as that was the main reason which intrigued me in the first place.

“Yes, it talks about a young boy and depicts the poverty after the partition of Bengal and how the underprivileged faced challenges” he added.

“Hmm,” I continued “but when it comes to the underprivileged do you think much has changed in our country?”

“Well frankly not much” he replied “but that is because no one cares for the cause.”

“Well YFR does,” I said with some sense of pride.


“Yes ‘Youth For Revolution’ our organization” I added.

The YFR (Youth For Revolution) Team
The YFR (Youth For Revolution) Team

“That sounds interesting, tell me about it” he looked interested.

“Well it was more than 10 years back on a day like this when we saw a young boy struggling to find food from the dump, that was the day we felt that they deserve better. We promised ourselves to do something for them”

“That is a humanistic thought, so what do you all do?” he was keen to know more.

“We are working in various fields” I informed, “such as children’s education, health care sector, green drives, Ride for bread (food distribution), clean up drives, and support various other crises that society would face.”

“Ah! That is what I call ‘facta non verba’,” he appreciated “ so who all are involved?”

“Well, the volunteers comprise of students and young professionals who dedicate their time towards the holistic development of underprivileged children and provide support to various other sectors.”

“Tell me more, what is your total strength?”

“We are a growing organization, based out of Bangalore, we believe in utilizing all available resources to the maximum. As an organization, our backbone is a strong support group of volunteers, like-minded individuals, groups, and who all are ready to provide the constant required support.”

“I see, so where have you worked so far?”

“The list is huge, be it the orphanages, or be it distribution of food to not just humans but also to stray dogs, or be it plantations schemes, the list goes on, our focus is not only on one sector, but we walk where the need is irrespective of any parameters” I informed “in fact here is a list of all our activities” I added and handed him over this list…

Food distribution being done to the children by the YFR

– Multiple visits to different orphanages home in and around Bangalore 

– Ride for bread: where we distribute food to all the needy people. Here we travel by our vehicle to distribute food this is not only to people but also to street dogs 

– Various plantation drives across Bangalore

– Akshara: conducting tutorials for the kids of migrant workers who come to Bangalore from different locations 

– Events on building some nests in different locations and arranging some water sources during the summers for birds

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– Restoring the places by clean-ups in shivanahalli, Ramanashri ashram(Kanakapura), and other places in and around Bangalore 

– Conducting a few events to show respect to Martyrs

– Prerana: In Mandya have adopted a few schools to improve the overall environment of the school 

– Free distribution of school kits to the needy kids 

– In shivanahalli Hospital clean ups and help in packing of medicine with the help of Rama Krishna ashrama 

– Visit Kidwai hospital 

– Various collaboration events with other organizations to create better impacts such as conducting free cloth distribution program.

– Spending some time with differently-abled people and providing them required support on multiple occasions 

– Providing food supply as a flood relief part

– We conduct events in rural parts because one of the focuses is on the Upliftment of rural communities as an integral aspect of universal development

“This is something that gives me a new vision. Can I be a part of this?” he asked

“Of course, you can, we welcome all like-minded people in YFR, you can check our social media @ youth_for_revolution.”

The YFR team with the under previledged children
The YFR team with the under previledged children

He checked it out and said “Tell you what, why don’t you write about it in eastindiastory.com, your work can be an inspiration to many”

…and here I am sharing the story with you all.

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