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A Piece of Peace by the River

A Piece of Peace by the River

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snow cledded mountain
a hill with steps
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Embark on a journey with Aditi Kar as she travels through the mountain of snow and reaches the city where the river flows.

The story is narrated with a poem by Somashis Gupta.

Photographs by Aditi Kar

And shining bright, the Sun lights the hours

And its ray reflects in the calm blue waters

This I saw when my voyage began

From the peak of the mountain to the land

a boat in the river

And the wind sang a gentle melody

Carrying the scent of the forest’s beauty

As it whispered through the branches green

And the peace of nature’s serene

a hill with steps

I walked the path to the old edifice

As I felt the grace of its presence

I was there at the mountain of snow

Where the pine trees lay below

snow cledded mountain

I watched the birds soaring high

Their wings spread wide, as they took to flight

Their songs echoed in the sky

A symphony of colours, black and white

birds flying in the sky

And below them, a boat sailed slow

With a quiet grace, through the water’s flow

And I felt a sense of wonder grow

At the beauty of the world below

a boatin the river

And then as the water reached the city

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In between the bustling activity

A dog was seated, beside the river

Away from the city’s constant quiver

a dog sitting near the river bank watching the boat

For this moment, I was at peace

With the sun shining and the world at ease

And I’ll cherish it always this release

Of the beauty and peace, by the river seize


And thus my journey comes to an end

But the memories will always bend

As I clicked the pictures with care

For me and for you, which I share

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