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A Nightmare in School

A Nightmare in School

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Young writer Ditipriya Dutta narrates a fiction where she was once strolling alone in the school campus when she felt a sudden urge to go inside. As the storm clouds gathered overhead, she encountered some uncanny stuff amidst descending darkness…

It was middle of November; I arrived at the school little early in the morning. I found I was the first to have stepped into the school. I decided to roam around the campus.

So I kept my bag in the class and went out. I ran towards the playground and began walking quietly in the open; a cool breeze was blowing, no one to interrupt me.

Somehow the feeling of being alone was a little creepy. Very soon, the sky became cloudy and gradually, a strange darkness descended.

Suddenly a feeling of panic seized me. A cold wave ran through my spine and chilled it down.

For some moment, the surrounding atmosphere also changed; as if someone had veiled the entire school with some force; as if the surrounding was blended with forlorn and the cold misery of December in November itself.

The scene could hardly be described. When I turned back, I saw something sink into the ground! Though I saw it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe it. I assumed it was kind of a hallucination.

When I went upstairs into the school building, I heard some clanging noise from the chemistry lab. I was freaking out. I stammered “W-who’s there?” Then I heard a blurred squeaking noise. It was a rat, I discovered, inside the lab!

I was quite relieved. Then I headed for the library where I donated last week one of my books. While searching for the book, something fell on my head. I took a look over it. I didn’t know what it was.

The stuff was wrapped with sort of a special cloth. I was curious, bit nervous too; still I decided to unwrap it.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Fortunately, I had a lighter with me. I could smell the odour of rotten egg. When I finally unwrapped it, I found a hand!

It was not that of a human though, I was sure.

I almost missed one of my heartbeats. It was green in colour and had long red nails. I was out of my wits.

Suddenly I felt that someone had grabbed my leg! But there wasn’t any one around me. Immediately the lighter’s gas ran out. It was pitch black.

Somehow I managed to run out of the library. In the corridor, there were two creatures, their faces resembling some ugly monster. I ran for my life. They also started chasing me!

Shortly, I was out of my breath. Yet I kept running until I stumbled over a door’s framework. I tried to dodge it and escape away, but couldn’t.

They caught hold of me by their slimy arms and were about to gobble me up!!

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I closed my eyes and screamed out at the top of my voice. When I opened my eyes, I found I was sinking down deep into a pit and it was pitch dark around.

Suddenly I heard someone asking me to wake up. But the fear gripped me so much that I kept my eyes closed. Finally, when I opened my eyes, I found myself inside the classroom! I didn’t know how I got teleported!

I saw my friend, trying to reassure me. She found me sleeping in the classroom and had been trying to wake me up.

I realized I had been dreaming all the time, but I was still confused. I was in the library last time before all this bizarre happenings; I could distinctly remember.

But then, I noticed I had still been holding the same cloth that had appeared in my dream. I was startled.

I looked here and there and found a piece of broken nail. It was red in colour; it must be of that severed hand of my dream, I argued with me.

But then the question still remains – was it really a nightmare or something else I would get to know later?

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