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A Girl From Purulia And Her Song

A Girl From Purulia And Her Song

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Jaya Nag

Jaya once again is the talk of the town. This time, for her newly released single, ‘Chena Darja’

Just as the beauty of Purulia would bring tears in one’s eye, this melancholy strain would make you weep. Perhaps the accent of her birthplace remains in Jaya’s heart when she sang Chena Dorja.

Composed by Anjan Majumdar, this song has hit the world of music like a tempest gaining viewership day by day in the music apps. The Atlantis Music channel in youtube has already gained more than 16K views in a very short while.

The song starts with a beautiful keyboard peace by Dipankar Vaskar, followed by well blended Sitar piece by Subhash Bose and flute by Soumyajyoti Ghosh. The melodious voice of Jaya Nag continues the mood set by the prelude. Complimenting the ambiance the violin by Sandipan Ganguly adds on to the flow. The song is enriched by some  rich guitar by Sourya Ghatak and percussions by Prabir Chatterjee.

Over all this SDP venture production is truly commendable. Hope to see Jaya Nag with more such numbers in future.

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