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A Box of Candies

A Box of Candies

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A fairy with a box full of candies in her hand

The writer Ditipriya Dutta, in her dream, gets a box of candies from a fairy. Waking up, she discovers the dream is far from surreal ….

Everyone in the world wants to be blessed with some superpowers. I too want to be blessed with some sort of superpowers that will be useful for me and will help others.

My Half Yearly Examinations were just over. I used to read the book of Harry Potter under my bed sheet with a torch lit up, in the dead of the night. I really wanted to possess powers like Harry or Spiderman. I didn’t want to end up being a muggle.

One night, when I was reading a book, I suddenly fell asleep. I dreamt of a fairy, holding a box of candies in front of me. She told me that if I just ate a candy from that box, I would become invisible.

When I woke up I saw that box of candies lying on my study table! I hurriedly grabbed it and studied it for a while.

“Beware user! If you consume one candy, you will become invisible for 24 hours!” Read a message written boldly on it.

I didn’t believe it though. I thought it was my brother’s prank. Then I decided to test it on a bird that I noticed sitting on the window pane.

I gave the bird one candy and it quickly gulped it up.  Immediately, it vanished in front of my eyes! I could hardly believe it!

I couldn’t see the bird but could hear its chirps. Then I decided I should also have to try that incredible candy.

An idea! I told my mom that I would be going to my friend’s house and would return by the next day. And then I ate one candy.

When I stood in front of the mirror, I couldn’t see myself! I was over-excited.

I was feeling like Mr. India! As no one could see me, I hurried to the dining table. My brother was about to begin his breakfast; I quickly emptied the plate.

He was dumbfounded to see his breakfast vanish in thin air. Somehow I controlled my laugh and went out.

My house was very close to the airport. As I was invisible, I crept into the lounge first and then directly into an aircraft, hoodwinking the air hostess.

Luckily there was a vacant seat. The plane took off, but I did not know where I was going. When the plane landed I learned from the pilot’s announcement that I had reached London.

London was really marvelous! I began a gentle stroll along the road. Shortly thereafter, I reached a castle.

The soldiers clad in red and black uniform were guarding the castle; guns were hanging from their shoulders, a black-bushy round hat kept tight on their heads.

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Slowly, I went inside the castle and found that England’s late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was going on. So many delicious foods were arranged but the people had a sad look on their faces.

I didn’t waste time and started gobbling up the food. Everyone was shocked to see the food vanish in the air. A commotion ensued there; I broke into splits of laughter.

When I looked at the watch, I panicked. Barely six hours to go for the spell to break. I hurried away from the castle.

I headed straight to the airport. Fortunately, a plane was due to fly to Kolkata and I boarded it.

While returning, some food was served to the passengers. I was gazing and gazing. When the passenger beside me ordered another plate, I quickly ate his stuff, leaving him dazed and frightened.

Before he could recover from his shock, the plane landed and I returned home in time.

It was almost time for me to resume my normal routine and turn busy with studies. When my mother suddenly saw me, she was startled; I was merely giggling.

Truly, I have to admire the power of the box of candies!

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