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9th April History – Peek into the Peak

9th April History – Peek into the Peak

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9th April history talks about Tipu Sultan and Anna Hajare

April 9th History is marked by significant events that have changed the course of history. This date has marked numerous occasions worth remembering. Let’s take a glimpse into the past and explore some of the noteworthy events that have taken place on this day in history.

Throughout centuries, human civilization has undergone an evolution, marking significant events along its path. Every day of the year holds a record of important historical incidents and major happenings. As history continues to unfold, we strive to keep our knowledge quotient high by revisiting our past. Today, I share 9th April History by recalling the following notable events that took place on this day in history:

Birth Days

Jaya Bachchan (1948): Jaya Bachchan is an acclaimed film actress known for her role in Bengali and Hindi movies.  

Kenny Basumatary (1980): Kenny Basumatary is an Indian actor, writer, and director known for his work in the Assamese film industry.

Significant events from the pages of History of 9th April

Tipu’s Triumph in Bednore

Just a few weeks back the debate on Tipu Sultan’s death reignited in Karnataka. Tension gripped the Yadgir district over renaming a particular area. However this story is not about his death, rather it is about a glorious battle he fought during his lifetime.

I take you through the 9th April history with this story of Tipu Sultan. The year was 1783. Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, encountered the British forces and successfully drove them out of the city of Bednore. This event was a significant moment in the history of the Anglo-Mysore Wars, a series of conflicts fought between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company for control over South India.

Tipu was a skilled military commander and had been fighting against the British for several years. In 1783, he launched a surprise attack on Bednore, which was then under British control. The British were caught off guard and were forced to retreat from the city, which was then taken over by Tipu’s forces.

This victory was a major boost to Tipu’s reputation as a leader and warrior. It also strengthened his position in the ongoing conflict with the British. However, the Anglo-Mysore Wars continued for several more years, and Tipu Sahib was eventually defeated by the British in 1799. So despite all the controversies the event of Tipu Sultan driving out the British from Bednore will remain a significant moment in the history of India.

Anna Eats

Many years have passed since the battle of Bednore. We are now a free country. But the age-old demon of corruption still exists in India. However, we have hope, and hope it is that keeps us alive. No this is not just a poetic expression. Let me take you through 9th April history and you will know why I say hope.

It was on this day that social activist Anna Hazare ended his fast unto death in Delhi. Why did he end his fast? Well, the Government of India agreed to pass the Lokpal Bill. What is a Lokpal Bill? Well, it is a bill to create an independent ombudsman to investigate corruption in government.

Hazare had been on a hunger strike for 98 hours, demanding the government to implement a strong anti-corruption law that would create an independent body to investigate and prosecute corrupt officials.

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The movement to pass the Lokpal Bill gained widespread support across India, with thousands of people participating in protests and rallies. Hazare’s hunger strike and the government’s subsequent agreement to pass the bill is a significant victory for the anti-corruption movement in India. Hazare’s fast and campaign for the Lokpal Bill brought the issue of corruption to the forefront of public discourse and highlighted the need for greater accountability and transparency in government.

However, the Lokpal Bill was not passed until several years later, in 2013, and was met with criticism for being weak and not having enough teeth to fight corruption. Despite its flaws, the passage of the Lokpal Bill remains a significant moment in India’s fight against corruption and a testament to the power of grassroots activism in bringing about change.




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