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14th March – Albert Einstein and Penicillin

14th March – Albert Einstein and Penicillin

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14th March - the birth of Albert Einstein and Penicillin

Know the history of 14th March in this story. We share the most significant events in history. Besides the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein, this day also is significant as it was this day Penicillin was used for the first time to save life. Read to know the details.


Hello, I am time. I have witnessed it all. Be the creation or be the destruction. So today I bring to you the history of this day which is the 14th of March. The most significant events in history for this day, the 14th of March are:-


  1. Miracle drug Penicillin saves life for the first time in human history

The year was 1942 when medical science found a miracle drug in the form of Penecillin. A 33-year-old patient, Anne Miller, had lost all hope to survive. She had developed septicemia or blood poisoning. The doctors at the Connecticut hospital had tried everything possible, but her body ravaged by burning fever for weeks. Finally, the doctors decided to try out the new experimental drug, penicillin. Just after a day, she started recovering. This newly developed miracle drug would ultimately save the lives of millions, including countless soldiers during WWII.

It was sometime back in the year 1928 when Alexander Fleming was experimenting with a flu virus in London. It was by accident that a staphylococcus plate was contaminated with mold. Fleming noticed that the mold prevented the growth of staphylococci and that is how penicillin was discovered by an accident. Talking about Penicillin it is important to talk about Dr. Howard Florey who was the main person behind converting this to a drug by his extensive research. Finally, Penicillin was administered for the first time on the 14th  of March 1942 upon Anne Miller to save her life.  She went on to live till 1999 and died at the age of 90.


  1. Birth of Albert Einstein

This day 14th of March also is significant as one of the greatest scientist Albert Einstein was born on this day. Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century. He is best known for his famous equation E=mc², which describes the relationship between mass and energy.

Einstein’s work revolutionized our understanding of the universe, and his contributions to physics continue to influence scientific research and development to this day. He is also famous for his theory of relativity, which fundamentally changed the way we think about space and time.

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Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. In addition to his scientific achievements, he was also a passionate advocate for peace and civil rights.

Einstein’s association with India goes back a long way. He met Tagore on the 14th of July 1930 for the first time. The two had one of the most stimulating. intellectually riveting conversation in history. Detailed discussion I shall share on the specific day. Besides Tagore, his association with Satyandranath Bose is worth mentioning. The detailed story has already been shared on this platform earlier.

Overall, Albert Einstein’s work had a profound impact on our understanding of the universe and continues to inspire scientists, thinkers, and innovators around the world.

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